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Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Car title loans Los Angeles is here to help you get the best title loan in Los Angeles. With exceptionally fast service and options, TFC Los Angeles has got the best online title loan Los Angeles procedure. Since 1994, our compassionate, knowledgeable representatives have been helping people secure emergency title loans when in need. Simply fill out our completely online title loan application and one of our representatives will contact you within minutes. Our car title loans Los Angeles process is so fast and easy, you will get a same-day title loan from us.

Title loans Los Angeles by us will be easy to pay off, with our no prepayment penalty program. Title loans in Los Angeles have never been easier than with TFC Title Loans. When you are looking for a title loan near me, we will be able to get the most convenient title loans Los Angeles, for you. You might ask your self is there a title loan place near me? We can help you where ever you are in Los Angeles, we can even wire the money directly into your bank account or you could even pick up the money at Money Gram.

Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Do not let your bad credit deter you from getting a car title loans Los Angeles. Rather than lending based on credit, we lend using the equity in your vehicle so you never have to worry about not being approved. We are here to help you! And what is more, you can even rebuild your credit by paying off your loan with us! We use the equity that you have in your car to get the best title loan in Los Angeles. Providing same day funding, we can have your money delivered via direct deposit, Money Gram, or check! It is entirely up to you! We have the lowest interest rates and best terms and conditions in the business. So, what are you waiting for?

car title loans los angeles

Quick And Easy Los Angeles Car Title Loans

We make it easy for you to receive your car title loans, Los Angeles, quickly and efficiently. Title loans Los Angeles gives you the best payment plans. Apply today by visiting our local office, call us or even check our website. Fill out an application today and get cash within 24 hours. Set our payback terms at a comfortable range of 24 to 36 months, meaning you have more than enough time to pay the emergency loan back. Same day title loans in Los Angeles is how we can help you.

 How To Get A Car Title Loan In Los Angeles:

Having met the basic conditions that confirms you as eligible to obtain an LA title loan. What you’re left to do is create quick paperwork and documentation, as well as a compulsory title loans Los Angeles application. The details you provide us during your application and documentation will enable us to save your data on our database. Give us the necessary information we need to serve you with the best car title loans Los Angeles. Car title loans Los Angeles and to get it fast, here are what we will need to get you the quick cash you need. For you to get your emergency loans Los Angels application to approve, all you have to do is comply with the above steps.

Documents That You Will Need For Your Title Loan in Los Angeles

  • A legal ID proof
  • The means of identification must be valid and recognized by the state of California
  • A passport or driver’s license will effectively serve this purpose
  • Proof of how much you earn regularly
  • Since we will be concerned about your ability to follow through the loan payment plan, then we need to have an idea of how much your income is
  • We will accept paychecks, bank account statements or proof of your business cash flow
  • Proof of your residential status
  • The thing is, we want to be sure that you reside in Los Angeles, so we will require you to provide any document to confirm your current residency
  • Receipts of any recent utility bill payment will do
  • The insurance paperwork for your car or vehicle
  • If your car is insured, then we will request that we are registered as the loss payee of your insured car or vehicle
  • Car Title Loans Los Angeles
  • This is not collateral, but a requirement
  • At least two conformable references
  • Car Title Loans Los Angeles
  • This is because, we may have to give these references a call to confirm your identity, as well as the authenticity of some of the details you have provided us
  • However, we protect your privacy, and will never reveal the details of your application to a third party

Car Title Loans Los Angeles, California

Car title loans Los Angeles are a fast and easy way to get thousands of dollars. If your title is salvage, we can still get you a salvage title loans Los Angeles. They’re many title loan companies in Los Angeles but we provide the fastest approval process. TFC Los Angeles provides the best car title loans in Los Angeles.

car title loans los angeles

Pink Slip Loans Los Angeles

People often ask for a pink slip loan in Los Angeles. If you are looking for car title loans Los Angeles fast approvals we are here to help you. Our title loan program can do instant approvals with the larger dollar amounts than other companies. When getting a car title loan Los Angeles from you will have no prepayment penalties. So applying for your emergency title loans Los Angeles is not a problem. A pink slip loan Los Angeles uses the equity you have in your car. We think you will get the best car title loan in Los Angeles from us, give us a call you will see how our pink slip loan Los Angels are a great fit for you.

Title Loans With TFC Title Loans

With Trading Financial Credit LLC, car title loans Los Angeles interest rates are lower and affordable compared to what other title loan lenders in Los Angeles can offer. If you are in Redondo Beach, we can help you with a title loan Los Angeles. Providing you with the best auto title loans Los Angeles experience is what we want to do.

TFC Title Loans

Founded in 1994, Trading Financial Credit – has been providing The Best Car Title Loans in Los Angeles. While also creating a relationship with customers that have lasted for years. Headquartered in Koreatown, TFC Title Loans provides Los Angeles residents. With the opportunity to get the money they require to deal with any financial need through a car title loan. We’ve been in the title loan industry for over 20 years, establishing ourselves as the most trusted title lender around.

We help people get the emergency title loans Los Angeles, that they are looking for. Our auto title loans Los Angeles application can be filled out online or you can call us and we can take it over the phone. Get your car title loans Los Angeles from us; we are located on Wilshire Blvd in Korea-town.

High Approval Rates At TFC Title Loans

How do car title loans Los Angeles work? Here at TFC Title Loans, we know how hard it can be trying to look for a solution to your financial problems only to be faced with rejection when requesting a loan. Be it because you have a poor credit history, are currently unemployed, or any other setback. We approve many auto title loans Los Angeles applications, even if there is bad credit involved. We try to help as many people as possible get the emergency loans Los Angeles that they need.

 Title Loan Service

Our mission is to serve our customers in Los Angeles with the immediate attention they deserve and get their auto title loans Los Angeles application funded. Making the process of getting the most money in your hands a quick and hassle-free process by using the equity in your car to obtain car title loans near me. When you need an emergency title loan, contact us, we will help you if you have a car that will qualify for Car Title Loans Los Angeles.

  • We will do our best to get you the max on your title and we will give you the best interest rates available
  • With our ability to get you the most money and at the lowest rates set us apart from all of the other lenders
  • We also offer all of our clients are no prepayment penalty program with our auto title loans Los Angeles clients
  • Giving you the flexibility to pay off your car title loans Los Angeles whenever it is convenient financially for you

Car Title Loans Near Me In Los Angeles

car title loans Los Angeles

In times when you are desperately in need of cash, and getting the money fast might be a significant challenge when you need emergency title loans Los Angeles. In such times, a car title loans Los Angeles is an answer. And if you are living in Los Angeles, a car title loan is the best choice you can rely on with every certainty of financial solution. No more extended news that getting a loan from banks or other traditional financial companies, auto title loans Los Angeles is provided by us.

It is also possible that your peers and relatives might even disappoint you when you need financial support from them the most. During these times of critical economic issues that need urgent attention and instant money, getting a car title loans Los Angeles is the next wise decision. Don’t make a massive mistake of risking your home when you default the payment of a much intangible amount.

What you should do instead is, take our car title loans Los Angeles in any title loan company close to you by depositing the title of your car with us. This opens up opportunities to unlock the equity lying untapped in the form of the commercial resale price of your vehicle. Here in Los Angeles, we make sure you have a satisfactory experience. You can trust our car title loans Los Angeles experts to bring about a repayment plan that suits your existing financial condition. So you have payments on your capability and do not have to worry about defaulting. You also won’t be penalized if you opt for paying your auto title loans Los Angeles off early and will never discover hidden costs.

Poor Credit Title Loans Los Angeles

Because TFC Title Loans uses your vehicle title as collateral for your loan, we don’t use your credit score to determine how much money we’ll be able to give you. Have you ever needed an emergency title loan? We do bad credit auto title loans Los Angeles. That’s why car title loans Los Angeles use the value of your car to determine the amount. While we are obligated to ask you to view your credit score with Experian. It is only to check you’re not actively going through bankruptcy or credit counseling. Your credit score will not determine your amount.  We use the value of your car and your ability to pay back the title loan every month with your proof of income to approve your auto title loans Los Angeles application.

No Prepayment Penalties or Hidden Fees With Our Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Even more, since we don’t have any prepayment penalties or extra hidden fees. You can pay us back the auto title loans Los Angeles as soon as you’d like and avoid any extra interest charges. It works for you and it works for us! Our title loans Los Angeles amounts will depend on how much your vehicle is currently worth and your ability to repay the loan. Usually ranging between the minimum of $2,500 and going up as high as $50,000! Your emergency loans Los Angeles has never been so easy to qualify for or pay off.

DMV Fast Process

We will add our names to the title and become the lienholder of the vehicle. If there are any fees, penalties, parking tickets or smog certificates due. We’ll be able to handle all of the DMV requirements to the car fully register and our names added. Regarding the smog certificate, if it is due we will ask you to provide us with a new smog certificate so all of the DMV transfer can be completed. We will be able to deduct all of the fees that are owed to the DMV from your car title loans Los Angeles. There is no need for you to have to go to the DMV and stand in line because we will be able to take care of all the DMV paperwork for you.

Valuing Your Car with KBB

At TFC Title Loans, we use the Kelley Blue Book to value your car. We put all the information you offer during your application process. The year, make, model, mileage, and any other generic specs your car may have. The Kelley Blue Book tells us the wholesale retail value of your car on the market right now. Then, TFC Title Loans offers you 85% of the wholesale value on our auto title loans Los Angeles! If you’re concerned about the amount you may receive or want to know ahead of time what you could receive. TFC Title Loans invites you to check out your vehicle’s value on the KBB free and public website. You’ll be able to estimate your vehicle’s worth down to the condition of the car.

Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Title Loans Korea Town

Car title loans Koreatown are located on Wilshire and Vermont. The 3055 Wilshire Blvd store is conveniently located in the same building as TFC Title Loans corporate headquarters. On the corner of Wilshire Blvd and South Westmoreland Ave. It’s inside the large building across the street from the beautiful Wilshire Center. If you live near Downtown Los Angeles, head over to our location today to get your funds! Car title loans Koreatown are simple and fast. If you are located in Baldwin Park it is easy to qualify for a car title loan with us, all you have to do is apply here!

How To Get Title Loans In Los Angeles?

Before you can get a title loan Los Angeles, first of all, you have to qualify. Secondly, your car or vehicle has to qualify title loans los angeles apply You qualify for a car title loans Los Angeles when you own a car. Our guidelines for you to qualify for our title loans Los Angeles are easy. You must be able to show your proof of income and have a car that qualifies to get your title loans, Los Angeles.

Online Car Title Loans In Los Angeles

Apply with us today to get your online title loans or internet title loans and see how fast you’ll get approved. Our auto title loans Los Angeles application is easy to qualify but you have to show proof of income to get approved.

Los Angeles Title Loans Terms and Conditions

The car has to be yours outright or you must have more equity in the car, reasonable enough to qualify you for a title loan Los Angeles. If you own a car outright, then the car title must be in your name. This document establishes you as the owner of the car, and it is also known as a pink slip. Now, if you own a car, and have a clear or salvage title in your name, or enough equity on your car, the next thing is for your car to qualify you for a title loans Los Angeles. We can do salvage title loans Los Angeles.

Why TFC Title Loans?

To fully support car title loans Los Angeles, and ease the entire title loan repayment process. Finally, to get an instant car title loan in Los Angeles, all the necessary title loan requirements must be readily available.

Remember that the most important criteria for getting title loans Los Angeles are your financial capacity to repay the loan before the loan deadline is due. Our title loans Los Angeles are here to get you the money you need, but also help you pay off the title loan too.

Our Auto Title Loan Los Angeles Experience

When you come to our title loan location in Los Angeles, California to apply for a title loan, our focus is limited to these requirements. We will not demand that you leave a set of your car’s spare keys with us for car title loans Los Angeles. We want you to get a fast auto title loans Los Angeles experience, and provide you with the money that you need.

Rather, we allow you to retain the ownership of your car while we keep your pink slip with us. When you completely pay back the borrowed amount (plus interest), you’ll get back your car title. We will prove you with a first-class auto title loans Los Angeles experience.

How TFC Title Loans Works in Los Angeles

Car title loans Los Angeles are short-term loans that allow you. The borrower to get access to quick cash against your car’s current worth, irrespective of the state of your credit score. That is to say, where a typical credit-based lender refuses to grant you a cash advance, a car title loans Los Angeles can get you funded. If you are looking to get the best car title loan  Los Angeles. We will get you the money you need today for your auto title loans Los Angeles. When you submit your paperwork, we will get your emergency title loan Los Angeles application approved as fast as possible.

We are the most established title lender; Trading Financial Credit LLC has been helping people with their title loan applicationscar title loans los angeles clients since 1994. We have helped thousands of clients that the traditional banks have turned down, get the auto title loans Los Angeles application funded the same day they applied with us. When you need to get an emergency title loan, you can use the equity that you have in your car to get car title loans Los Angeles.

Traditional lenders pay attention to your current credit score and credit history before you will be considered eligible for a loan. This implies that if your credit is unimpressive, your loan application will automatically be denied. California is one of the states in America that permit title loans, and if you live in Los Angeles, TFC Title Loans is the best title loan company you can find.

Here’s How Title Loans Work At TFC:

  • Come to us with your car or vehicle, pink slip and the other requirements
  • If you are applying for a Los Angeles title loan online, you will have to input the details of your car into our online title loan application query form
  • Car Title Loans Los Angeles
  • We appraise your car for its present-day value using Kelly Blue Book (KBB)
  • Since you are borrowing cash based on your car’s value, using the title to your car as collateral
  • We will allow you to borrow a certain percentage of your car’s KBB value
  • Using a car title loan calculator, we will determine how your title loan program will look like
  • How much you can get and how much you are to repay in total before the loan due date
  • Provide all the requirements and paperwork needed
  • We will also validate these documents for accuracy and consistency
  • Before your title loan approval, we will briefly check your credit
  • Car Title Loans Los Angeles
  • This is not what determines whether you get the loan or not, but what tells us how competent you are when it comes to repaying the loan
  • We also do a quick inspection of your car to check for any add-ons or external impairment on the car
  • Issue you a title loan agreement which you have to sign before you can receive the loan
  • We hold back your car title while you pay up what you have borrowed
  • You only get back your pink slip once you have completely repaid the loan borrowed (plus interest)

We do not anticipate your defaulting. This is why we don’t require you attach a GPS tracking device to your car. Our efficient strategies leave us with the confidence that you can comply with the routine payment plan. If peradventure you fail to meet up with the payments due to some occurrences unaccounted for. We expect to hear from you so we can come up with a better plan to help you repay, or we proceed to repossess your car. Being prepared to pay off your account once you have your auto title loans Los Angeles application approved is a smart way to be prepared.

We Make Getting Title Loans In Los Angeles Easy

So how can I get car title loans Los Angeles? It’s easy. Start by filling out our application online, contact us to request your loan with a representative directly, or visit us at our office in person and we can get you the auto title loans Los Angeles that you need.

You’ll receive a call from us shortly after you apply to confirm your information and notify you of your approval for your title loan Los Angele. Once approved, we’ll work with you to get you the funds you need as quickly as possible. To finalize your auto title loans Los Angeles application, we will need documentation, including a copy of your title and a valid State ID or Driver’s License. You can read more about our car title loan requirements. Finally, you can pick up your funds at our corporate office or the other office location in Los Angeles.

Types of Title Loan Los Angeles

  • We do car title pawns Los Angeles which are when you use your title as collateral
  • Motorcycle title loans Los Angeles where you use the equity in your motorcycle
  • Big Rig title loans Los Angeles and commercial vehicle title loans where you can use the equity that you have in your commercial vehicles
  • If you own a recreation vehicle we will be able to get you an RV title loan Los Angeles.
  • Using the equity that you have in these vehicles is an excellent way to get the urgent money that you need

Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Why Use TFC Title Loans In Los Angeles?

  • Fast Cash for Whatever You Need
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Bad Credit is Accepted
  • Keep Your Car to Drive
  • We Are the Oldest Title Loan Lender in California

If you have a title loan with another company and get it to refinance by us to save yourself some money and possibly get more money in the process. We refinance title loans Los Angeles from other companies all of the time, saving our clients thousands of dollars.

 Title Loan Service Areas

  • We service the whole of California and multiple states
  • Helping our clients who are in Palmdale get the title loan service that they require
  • Clients who are living in Oxnard we can serve you with our location
  • If you live in San Jose we have a location there for you
  • Helping clients in the East Bay area our Hayward location is the closest one for you
  • Fresno has a location to service the area
  • Car Title Loans Los Angeles
  • We can help people who live in the Orange County area too
  • Bakersfield residents can benefit from our location for their title loan needs
  • Clients who live in the Inland Empire can go to our Riverside location
  • We have a San Diego location in Vista to help with our San Diego clients
  • For those clients who live in Sacramento, we also have a location there for you

What Can You Use A Car Title Loan In Los Angeles For?

We all face financial situations that we may not have been prepared for so emergency title loans California can help you. There could be something in your life that’s personal, or maybe even a much-needed vacation. That is why you need car title loans in Los Angeles!

Home Emergency

Sometimes, our house starts to make strange noises and before you know it, there’s a very expensive problem that needs to be fixed. This is a great reason to take out car title loans in Los Angeles. Your air conditioner could break, the water heater could stop working, or even a new fridge might be needed. All of these cost thousands of dollars, but TFC can get you that money to pay it and get it out of the way.

Mechanical Repairs

Cars can be a burden to take care of, especially when something goes wrong. Expensive to take care of, but unfortunately, we need them to get to work to make the money we need to pay for all of our financial obligations. Something as small as an ignition coil can cost you a couple of hundred dollars, while a catalytic converter can go as high as $3,000. Luckily, TFC Title Loans in Los Angeles offers you as low as $2,500 and more!

Hospital Bills

Unfortunately accidents with family members can be as small as a broken bone to an unexpected surgery. Childbirth alone can cost you $5,000 in hospital bills and that’s with insurance! Even pets can wrack up the bills if they swallow something they shouldn’t have been eating and cost you a couple thousand. If it’s an action figure removed from the stomach of a dog or an unforeseen work accident. TFC Title Loans isn’t here to judge; we just want to give you the money you need.

car title loans los angeles

Impound Loans

Even if your car is impounded in Los Angeles, TFC Title Loans can help get it out. We all miss those “No Parking – Tow Zone” signs once in a while. But, it can leave us with a heavy impound fee with outrageous towing expenses. Luckily, TFC Title Loans can help you pay for that with our car title loans!

Helping our clients get their cars from the impound yard is one of our specialties. We understand the process to get your car released from the impound yard and we can pay them directly from your title loan. One of our agents will go to the impound yard to verify the condition of the car and the mileage. Car impound loans are one of the services we provide for you.


We all need to get away from the stresses of life now and again. TFC Title Loans is a no questions asked kind of loan company: what you use your money on is your business. All we ask you for is the clear and free title on your vehicle with some other documents for verification. We don’t need proof of a personal issue or any other made up an excuse. Vacations are expensive and if you feel the need for a getaway, TFC Title Loans can help you pay.

Other Bills

There are too many bills in our lives that pile up when we look away for a moment. That’s why TFC Title Loans offers car title loans, Los Angeles, to those in need. We understand that life can bring up a lot of financial obligations, and sometimes we slip up so get your auto title loans Los Angeles application funded today. Other bills you can use your auto title loan to pay for are:

  • Credit Cards
  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Cable/Internet
  • Electric
  • Another car payment
  • Other loans
  • Funeral bills

Client Testimonials (car title loans Los Angeles)

Car Title Loans Los Angeles! “TFC Title Loans is an excellent company.” They understand the urgency, but efficiency and can get you approved very quickly. In my case, I needed cash to help a friend in need, and they were able to get me my money the next day. Also, very honest, I liked how they told me everything upfront. Their rates were not bad at all either, I could not be more pleased!”

– Robert Wellens

More Reviews on Yelp

Want to hear the word of real customers? Our TFC Title Location is listed on Yelp with real feedback from customers that have taken out Car Title Loans near me in Los Angeles. We love to hear back from our customers, not only because we want to know we’re doing a great job, but because we want to know what we can fix.

Part of our great customer service is that we’re always improving to meet your financial needs in your life. We want to make sure our service is available to everyone. Once you get your auto title loans Los Angeles from TFC Title Loans, we encourage you to fill out a review on Yelp. Your experience can help another customer find their financial solution, and so TFC Title Loans knows they helped you! TFC Title Loans is fully licensed and bonded by the DBO. We will help you get the emergency loans Los Angeles application approved fast.

Look here for more information on Los Angeles California.

TFC Title Loans – Los Angeles Location

3055 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 530, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Call Toll-Free: 844-242-3543

Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM / Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Car title loans Los Angeles

LA Chamber of Commerce | TFC Title Loans: the best car title loans in Los Angeles.

TFC Title Loans offers a convenient, safe and reliable option for LA customers seeking a better title loan company. On top of our excellent Car Title Loans Los Angeles, we offer top of the line customer service that centers our efforts around your financial well-being. We’re more than just another title loan company; we’re the helping hand you’ve been looking for and give you the best auto title loans Los Angeles experience.

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