List Of The Top Car Title Loan Companies

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Published Date: March 30, 2024

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 We have compiled this list of the top car title loan companies, this will help you when you are looking for a car title loan.

Are you searching for a car title loan near me? But you are not sure if they offer title loans in your area? This list can help you to find the local title loan company.

Not all companies offer title loans in every state, so depending on where you are living, not all car title loan companies can help you.

This list will help you to select the right car title loan company in your state, and save you time.

list of car title loan companies
Choosing the right car title loan company

List Of The Top Car Title Loan Companies

TFC Title Loans

Is the oldest and most established car title loan company, since 1994 they have been helping people to use the equity in their vehicles the reason for its popularity is its lower interest rates and higher advance rates than the other companies.

They have the largest network of lenders, they are a lender and a broker. With their network of lenders, they can help you in all states except New York.

Their service is free for you to use, and they will help you to find the right lender for you. They will see which lender is going to offer you the best terms, so you will get the best rates.

With multiple lenders on their platform, if you are rejected by one lender, they will be able to place you with another one.

They will be your car title loan broker, making sure that you will get the best terms on your car title loan. 


They have over 1000 locations in multiple states, they are one of the largest title loan companies in the nation.

The maximum loan that they do is $10,000. They do title loans and title pawns. They can help you with different types of vehicles.

They can help you with cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and commercial vehicles.

They do not check your credit and all you need is a clean title and they can fund you, they have some of the highest interest rates, but they will get you the money that you need.


They started doing auto title loans in 1998 as a pawn shop in Sherman Oaks California, they are one of the leading companies, and they only serve title loans in 13 states.


Having helped over 250,000 people they are one of the leaders in the industry. They can help you with next-day funding.


They will do a credit check, and you will need to have enough monthly income to qualify with them.


Money Tree:

They are mainly a check cashing and cash advance company. They used to offer car title loans in different states, but now they only offer them in Idaho and Nevada.


They will run your credit, and you will also need to provide them with your monthly income for you to qualify.


In Idaho, the maximum title loan that you can get is $500 with them, and in Nevada, the maximum is $25,000.

Max Cash:

Max Cash is a title loan broker, they do not lend, they will place you with a lender. They have a fast application process.


Their call center is available 24 hours a day. With a network of lenders that they work with, they can fund you in multiple states.


As a broker, they will have different lenders that will be able to help you, so if one rejects you, they will be able to find you a different lender.


They can get you same-day cash, and the maximum loan that they can get for you is $25,000.


Car Title Loans California:

They are one of the largest title loan companies in California, they have a large network. They do lend, but they mainly act as a broker.


Offering fast same-day funding, to help you to get your emergency money. As a broker, they have the flexibility to have different lenders compete for your loan, so you can get the best rates.


They also off title loans in different states too, even though their name says California they can also help you in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

car title loan companies
Get the best title loan company

745 Cash:


They offer auto title loans in Tennessee, they have been helping people since 1997. They have multiple locations throughout the state.


 The maximum auto title loan that they offer is $2,500.

Advance America:

They provide car title loans in 13 states, have a large footprint of locations, and have about 1,400 locations, you will need to bring your vehicle into one of their locations to have your vehicle inspected.


After they inspect your vehicle, they will let you know how much cash you will qualify for. It is a well-established company with over 20 years of experience.


Car Title Loans 123:

Offering title loans in 37 states, they have a fast online approval process, and the maximum loan that they will do is $15,000.

Your vehicle will need to be 2010 and newer, you must be able to prove your monthly income.

NorthEastern Title Loans:

They are part of the LoanMax umbrella, they do offer auto title loans in 20 states, and the maximum loan amount is $10,000.

With plenty of experience, they have been offering auto title loans for over 20 years.

You have to go to one of their locations for you to get the money, and sign the title loan contract.


Car Bucks:

Car Bucks offer car title loan in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, and Alabama.

Their loans start at $200 and can go up to $25,000. The amounts will depend on each state’s regulations.

You must have enough income to show that you can support the loan, and you must have a checking account to qualify.


 Ace Cash Express:

Ace offers their clients a 3-day guarantee, meaning you can cancel your car title loan within 3 days, without being charged.

They offer auto title loans and personal loans they have over 950 retail locations, and they offer car title loans in Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas.

 Auto Cash USA:

Auto Cash USA offers online title loans in California, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.

They can offer you from $300 to $ 15,000 depending on the state regulations. You must have a monthly income of at least $1,600. Their title pawn rates will vary from 36% to 360%.

Auto Money:

Auto Money will do no credit check title loans in South Carolina, and in Georgia, the maximum loan amount is $20,000.

You will keep and drive your car for the term of the loan, and they also offer title loan refinancing, so they will pay off your existing title loan, and get you a lower interest rate.

Highway Title Loans:

Highway Title Loans claim that they have the lowest interest rates, and they can offer you 24-hour title loan funding.

You must earn $1,500 per month for you to qualify. Their loans start at $500 and go up to $ 15,000.

They accept bad credit, as loaf as you have the equity in your car and the monthly income.

Highway Title Loans are offering car title loans in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Auto title loan companies
Get the best auto title loan company in your area

One Way Title Loans:


One Way Title Loans, only operate in California, and they offer same-day funding. They offer car title loans from $2,600 to $15,000.


They will need to check your monthly income to make sure you can afford the loan. They are licensed by the DBO.


1ST Choice Money Center:

They offer payday loans, cash advances, and car title loans. They specialize in no-credit checks. They have multiple locations throughout Idaho and Utah.


The maximum loan that they offer is $10,000, as loan as you have equity in your car, you will qualify.



Loan Center is a direct lender, they are one of the largest title loan companies and have been providing title loans for many years.

They do have some of the lowest interest rates, but they are difficult to get approved with. The process can take a little longer than other companies.

You must have your proof of employment with a minimum of $1,500 per month. Their loans start at $500 and go to $30,000, they will run a credit check.

They offer title loans in Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wisconsin.


CashForPinkSlip is based in California, they are a small direct lender, that has flexible guidelines and does not run credit checks.

Their loans start at $2,500 and go to $50,000, they say they have the lowest rates and fees. They also offer car title loans in Arizona, as well as California.

 Embassy Loans:

Embassy Loans can help you in Florida, if you are searching for a title loan near me in Florida, they can help you.

With their title pawn loans help you with cars, trucks, RVs, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

 Cash 1:

Cash 1 offer car title loan in Arizona and Nevada, they are direct lenders. When you are searching for vehicle title loans near me they can help you. 

Their loans start at $100 and go to $30,000. They can also refinance or buy out your existing title loan, and refinance you in a lower monthly payment.

 Premier Title Loans:

Premier Title loans is a California-based lender, that can offer auto equity loans from $1,500 to $30,000.

They work with bad credit so your credit history will not stop you from qualifying, but you must have a minimum of $1,500 monthly income.

Rapid Auto Loans:

Rapid Auto Loans help people in Florida to get auto title loans. They have multiple title loan locations, you have to go to the location to pick up your money.

They offer same-day funding and they can also offer you a title loan with no credit checks.

The title loan terms are for 12 months or less.

Auto Pawn US:

Auto Pawn US is a well-established title loan company. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with absolutely no pre-payment penalties.

They offer one-hour approvals, they can also offer you auto pawn loans and title loans. They have some of the lowest rates.

 Title Cash:

Title Cash can help you to get local title loans. If you are searching for vehicle title loans in my area, they have over 400 locations.

Their interest rates go from 36% to 360%, you must have a driver’s license, and your name must be on your title.

They will give you 50% of your vehicle’s wholesale value.

Companies for title loans
Get the best company for a title loan

CashMax Title & Loan

CashMax Title & Loan offers payday loans, installment loans, and online title loans. They are only offering their services in Texas.


They have a fast preapproval process, and they can offer you same-day funding. You can apply online or they can take your application over the phone.


The maximum loan that they offer is $10,000. They have over 30 title loan locations in Texas. You will need to bring your vehicle for an inspection at one of their locations.


US Auto Title:

US Auto Title only offers title loans in Nevada. They also offer payday loans too. You can apply online and if you are looking for a title loan near me in Nevada, they have you covered.

The maximum title loan that they offer is $7,000. You will need to go to one of their locations and bring with you all of the requirements to fund your title loan.

 Georgia Auto Pawn:

Georgia Auto Pawn can help you when you are searching for title loans near me in Georgia.

They can offer up to $15,000 on your vehicle equity. The title has to be in your name for you to qualify.

You do not need to go to a title loan location for your vehicle inspection, they will come to you.

They do not do credit checks, and they do not report to the credit bureaus, the qualification process can be done online.

Champion Financial:

Champion Financial is a lender and a broker, they can fund your car title loan, or they will find you a different lender to fund it for you.

They offer same-day title loans, and they work with bad credit. They have great customer service and they can do the whole title loan process online.

Montana Capital:

Montana Capital is a broker of title loans, they can still lend, but mostly they broker the title loans. they have a large network of these lenders, and they can help you in multiple states.

LoanMax Title Loans:

LoanMax offers title loans up to $10,000, they claim they can get you the cash within 20 minutes. They operate in 20 states and have many title loan locations.

You will have to go into one of their locations to pick up your money and to have your vehicle inspected by them. They operate with brick-and-mortar locations.

They have been offering car title loans for over 25 years, and are one of America’s established lenders for subprime lending.

Speedy Cash:

Speedy Cash is a direct lender, they do offer payday loans and title loans. They offer same-day cash with your car title.

They operate in 15 states, they have multiple title loan locations, and you will need to go into one of their locations to get your vehicle inspected, and to pick up your cash.

Title loan companies
Get the best auto title loan company

Conclusion For The List Of The Top Car Title Loan Companies

 This is a complete list of all car title loan companies, some are direct lenders, and some are brokers.

With many different options for you to choose from, it can be difficult for you to know what would be the best car title loan company for you to choose from.

You can contact us at any time, we can answer all of your questions, and we can help you to find the right title loan in your area.


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