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2008 Financial Crisis

Alexander Pencer

The origins of the 2008 financial crisis were nothing like what’s driving the current meltdown. Then, a housing bubble puffed up by overextended banks and homeowners was the culprit. Now, a global pandemic has brought markets and economies to their knees.

Key 2008 Financial Crisis Players Are Back for Coronavirus

2008 Financial CrisisYet policymakers are dusting off many of the same solutions to address the economic and financial fallout from the spread of COVID-19. The Federal Reserve, for example, has resurrected many of the emergency-lending programs it first introduced in 2008 to inject cash into the system.

Another similarity: the cast of characters. Some of the same people who helped solve the 2008 financial crisis are back on the front lines. Here again is BlackRock founder Larry Fink, advising the Fed with skills honed the last time around.

Some have switched sides. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who purchased one of the biggest failed subprime lenders in the crisis 12 years ago, is leading the Trump administration’s economic response to the one raging now. Meanwhile, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is advising companies likely benefiting from the government’s stimulus efforts.

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