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TFC Title Loans- Quick Cash in Minutes!

There always comes a time in life when things got tough. In such times, it is possible that the need for some quick extra cash will become your dominant thought. If you happen to find yourself in such situations where you need urgent financial assistance to save you from monetary embarrassment, then you should be considering getting an emergency cash advance using the title of your car as collateral.

The financial emergency might be; cash to fund and run your business, money for you rent, urgent medical bills, funds for a holiday trip with your family, quick cash to clear your utility bills, money for a necessary gadget maintenance, or any other circumstances that catches you off-guard when you are low on cash.

Provided the need demands urgent financial attention, then pawning your car title for some fast money might just be your best option.

You’ll realize that when life’s pressure strikes, it’s often difficult to think with a clear head. Coming up with a way to raise that extra cash would also be difficult in such times too. It can be a bit challenging to calmly weigh your options and come to a conclusion on where to raise that extra cash. That is this is where you will find this article very helpful.

While an auto title loan might be helpful in times of urgent cash needs, what is more, important is to get the best title loan. As you read on, you will find out all you need to know about a car title loan, how it works, and how you can get the best one wherever you are.

There is a wide range of title loan programs and services out there offered by several car title loan companies, however, whichever title loan lender you choose is what will determine the quality of title loan service you will get.

Before you even decide to pick out one out of the numerous title loan lender in the US, you have to look out for some pointers. To choose the best title loan financing organization, you need to consider three things;

  • Policy flexibility
  • Rates
  • Reviews form other clients

It won’t be nice getting a title loan on your car from a title loan lender, only to discover that you’ve been trapped in some debt cycle that drag you into even more debts.


We understand that when the pressure mounts, it becomes a little tricky coming up with the decision on which auto title Loan Company will get you funded. And as a reliable title loan lender, we are here to help you.

Not only are we the best title loan company you can possibly find near you, we can also provide you with the best car title loan as well. It does not matter what your location is at the moment; California, Arizona, South Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Nevada, Mississippi, Delaware, Florida or New Mexico, if you need money fast in your pocket, we can assist you to get the best auto title loan near you, and to get it fast too.


Car Title Loan Versus Other Financing Options

Getting financial aid from traditional lenders is too stressful and quite complex because these financial institutes expect so much from you. They expect you to bring a collateral that is worth more than the loan amount you want to collect, present buoyant co-signers to help you get the loan, or have a great credit score.

These things are important. But the truth is when you are faced with a situation, an emergency that demands quick cash response, and that must be treated with urgency, obtaining these conditions become tiresome.

While getting a loan from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions is almost impossible because of the too many complicated paperwork involved, a title loan is easier to get.

  • It’s stress-free
  • It’s quick
  • It requires only some basic documents

With a bad credit, it is almost impossible to get a cash advance from banks. The approval takes several weeks, and the loan period and rate makes repayment even more difficult.

There are also other ways you could get the funds you need; like payday loans and pawn shops, but the shortcomings of this funding options that give car title loans the edge, which makes getting a vehicle title loan the best option.

With a title loan, you get a flexible loan contract term that will work perfectly with your budget and fit into your financial plans.


How Do Title Loans work?

Uncertainties are embedded into the very fabrics of life, and unexpected expenses are something no one can escape. Do not worry about the financial challenges when it hits you, just understand how an auto title loan works, how you can choose the best title pawn loan from a responsible title loan lender, and then get a car title loan to support your financial needs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at title loans and how they work. We will expose you to some very vital details you need to know about auto title loans and also how the title loan process works.

Just like a typical collateral loan which involves surrendering an asset in exchange for the loan cash, so is a car title loan. Though a title loan works a little bit differently. A car title loan, also known as pink slip loan gives you the opportunity to get access to fast money using your car or vehicle title as collateral.

Instead of giving up your car, you simply give up the document that shows your true ownership of your car in exchange for the quick loan, and you continue to drive your car as you always have.

The only way you will collect back your pink slip and retain the ownership of your car is when you repay the loan completely. So the way a title loan works, you need to fulfill three stipulations for you to qualify to get a title loan;

  • Own a car or have enough equity in the car
  • Have available the title or pink slip of your car
  • Have a source of income that will support the loan payment

Anybody can qualify for a pink slip cash advance. Irrespective of the status of your credit; whether low, poor or bad credit, you can still qualify for a title loan with your car. So with an auto equity loan, bad credit is not a problem.

Getting an auto title loan is easy. All you have to do is;

  • Apply: You can apply via any of the options made available that is most convenient for you. You can choose to apply through the online platform, manually at our physical partner offices near you or over the phone when you give us a call. When you apply, you will provide us with your details. Don’t worry, your personal information is secured with us.


  • Bring along the title loan requirements: This is the documentation stage where you have to provide documents to facilitate getting the loan. Few minutes after applying, you’ll get a call from one of our representatives, guiding you through the documentation process and to the time when you get your cash.


  • Get a title loan approval: here, you are given the go-ahead to proceed with the rest of the process. An approval means you are eligible for the loan, and that you have satisfied the requirements.


  • Bring your car or vehicle for inspection: This is when your car will be assessed to know if it is in sound working condition or damaged in any way.


  • Receive your cash: Once have applied and qualified, and the value of your car is reached, then the cash amount you are to get will be determined. You, however, need to pin down your signature on the contract agreement, agreeing to the loan terms before you will collect your cash.


The simplicity of getting a title loan from any car title loan lender near you is why title loans are obviously the best funding option to get money fast when there is an emergency.

There are also several other reasons why getting a title loan is more beneficial, and an in-depth understanding of how title loans work is one vital step in identifying the best car title loan company and getting the best title loan them.

Before we proceed to give you some vital tips on how you can get the best title loan wherever you are in the US, lets first have a closer look at what the requirements for getting a title loan are.


The Best Title Loan – How to Get One

By now, you are familiar with title loans, how they work, how you can get a title loan and also all you need to qualify and get one. So let’s now take a closer look at how you can get the best title loan.

Below are some useful tips that will not only guide you in choosing the best title loan lender but also getting the best car title loan.

  1. Check reviews and investigate the reputation of the title loan lender: Due to the nature of this form of loan business, there are quite a number of lending firms that provide title loan services. Before you can pick out the best, you have to be sure of the quality of title loan service that is offered. You also need to be certain that they are licensed to operate by state laws.

TFC Title Loans, with about 24 years’ experience in the title loan market, has been providing the best quality title loan programs across several American states. We’ve been legally authorized to operate across these states too. Our reputation and integrity are unbeatable, and we have thousands of satisfied American citizens to attest to that.

  1. Find out how fast you can apply and how quickly you can get approved: it is a fact that title loans were designed for emergency cash. That means that ideally, it ought to take very little time to get your application processed. However, how fast and easy a title loan application differs from one title loan lender to another.

At TFC Title Loans, or title loan process is quick and void of unnecessary paperwork. We ensure that our requirements are completely basic and easy to get, and we can approve your online title loan application within minutes of applying.

Our concern is that when it’s time to comply with the loan repayment, you can comfortably handle it. so if we are convinced that you can take care of the loan repayment, we will get you the quick cash without delay. The entire process of applying and getting the loan amount will not last more than 1 business day.

  1. Check if the loan contract terms and your financial plans are in agreement: Whatever loan package you are taking must not leave you in the worst financial situation than you started. The best title loan will definitely fit perfectly into your financial plans. If the interest rate, payment amount or loan duration puts you in an uncomfortable spot, then that title loan is not the best for you.

We will give you the highest loan amount off the value of your car, at a low and competitive interest rate over a longer period. The best you can get anywhere!

  1. How will the loan policy affect you? Title loan policies are not the same with all title loan lenders. This is why you have to be sure of how the policy of your choice lender will affect you. You wouldn’t want to make a choice and then regret later when you discover that the policy is negatively impacting your finances.

For example, some title loan lenders are strict on the model or mileage of the cars they accept, while some others will charge you application fees or penalize you for making a prepayment. Some other companies will attach a GPS tracking device to your car to know your every whereabouts.

The best title loan will not charge you anything for completing your payments early, ask for an extra set of keys from you or put a tracking device in your car, and that is the kind of title loan that we give you – the best! Though we check your credit, this is only to know your financial backup in terms of repayment and not condition for getting you the cash advance.

  1. What will it cost you? This is where you weigh the pros and cons. Two important questions you should ask at this point are;
  2. What will I gain if I take out this loan?
  3. How bad can it be if things go sideways?

Most tile loan lenders will dangle some enticing benefits in your face just to lure you in to get involved. and once you do, you find out that you’re trapped in a cycle of debts.

At TFC Title Loans, our title loan services are structured for your convenience and maximum satisfaction. The benefits of getting a title loan with us are numerous, and even if things go sideways, we are always available to cushion the setback.

We will work with you to make sure that repayment isn’t a challenge. We will even encourage you to make more payments monthly by rounding up payments so you can pay off the loan quicker.

  1. Find out how your car is valued and how your loan amount is determined: Your loan amount depends on the value of your car. This is another reason why you have to be mindful of lending companies that promise to give you a title loan with no car inspection. You need to know the tools the lender will be using to appraise your car and also how the loan amount you will get is estimated.

With Kelley Blue Book, we will evaluate your car to find out its accurate current worth and with our car title loan calculator, you can also find out how your payments will look like and at what interest rate. We will also run your credit with Experian to determine which loan will suit your financial strength.

  1. What the loan amount and duration will be: since your car is one item you need before you are qualified for a car title loan, you need to have an idea of how much the car will qualify you to get. Some lenders offer only 50% of the car’s value, some others offer a low and fixed amount irrespective of the car you have, all for you to pay back completely in a short time. The best car title loan qualifies you for more cash off the value in your car.

TFC Title loans will offer you as much as 85% of the KBB value of your car and you are permitted to pay back the loan over a period of 24 to 36 months. We offer you more cash than any other title loan company, and this is another reason why we stand out as the best.

  1. Find out how you can get your car title back: Usually, you have the legal right to collect back your pink slip once you have cleared your payments. However, some lenders have another long documentation process just for this purpose.

This is not the case with TFC Title Loans. As the best car title loan company across the US, we understand your financial situation and we are committed to helping you in any way possible. So once you have completed payments, we will return back your car title to you immediately – no unnecessary paperwork.

  1. Find out if they do rollovers: Most title loan lenders allow you to roll over your loan payments. While this may sound attractive, it is also predatory. This is because, when you rollover payments, you tend to pay more, and at a higher interest rate.


In the long run, you’ll realize that you have accumulated so many debts that it has become difficult to pay off, leaving you with the risk of losing your car through repossession.

To get the best car title loan, you have to watch out for any rollover policy. This is because rolling over your payments will leave you worse than you started.

With our lower rates, longer payment duration and no rollover policy, you can easily see why TFC Title Loans is the best lender for you, and why you should get the best title loan from us.

While it sounds almost impossible to find an all-around perfect title loan company, it is very possible to get a title loan that will best suit your plans and budget from one. With the above clues, getting the best car title loan should be easy. And so far, it is easy to see why TFC Title Loans is the title loan lender that offers the best.


What you will need to get a title loan with TFC Title Loans

Now, here are some of the requirements and documents we will need from you if you want to get an auto title loan from us.

  1. Your personal information: When you apply for a title loan with us, this is the first thing that is needed. Whether you are coming to our office location near you or applying online with the application form on our website, we will need you to provide us with your name, address, phone number, e-mail and other basic information. These details will be used for record purposes so that we can serve you efficiently and better.


  1. Your car and the clear or salvage title of your car: These are the two basic title loan requirements that first determines if you qualify for a car title loan or not. Your car is not the collateral here, but your car title is. It is important that the car you are presenting is roadworthy and not physically damaged due to accidents. If you only have equity in the car, then the equity has to be enough to qualify you.

We will briefly inspect your car to check its condition and also validate your car title to ensure that it is clearly in your name, then we will withhold your car title and give you the loan amount you qualify to get.


  1. Proof of your residency: According to the legislation that governs the title loan business, you are only permitted to get a title loan from your state of residence. TFC Title Loans is licensed by the DBO .

Since we are in several states of the US, we simply want to see a document from you that proofs that you actually live in the state you are approaching us from. Documents like your utility bill receipt, account statement from your bank, or any lease receipt indicating your name and current location.

  1. Proof of your income: Before we give you the cash advance off the value in your car, we want to be certain that all things being equal, you wouldn’t face any challenges repaying the loan amount plus interest. When you come to us, we want to help you gain back your financial confidence and not leave you with more debts.


This is why we choose to have a glimpse at your monthly earnings. It could be your salary if you are employed, or benefits if you are unemployed. Anything that will prove your capability to repay the title loan is fine. Your income is not the only criterion we look at when you come to us for financial help, but it is one important item that assures us of your repayment credibility.


  1. Pictures your car or vehicle: We need pictures of your car as part of the inspection process to check the general body condition of the car you are presenting, and also for record purposes. We expect the photos to be detailed, showing both the exterior and the interior condition of the car, including the mileage on the car. This requirement is very important since it guides us in reaching how much value is in your car and how much loan amount you can get.


  1. A means of identification: This could be a driver’s license, an international passport, a military ID or any form of identification that is valid and recognized by the state you are applying from. We would need to see your ID to validate some of the information, like; your name, age, and address that you have provided earlier.


  1. Details of at least two references: In addition, we will require that you make available some references and their details. You will provide us with the names and contact details of these references. The references are there for two simple reasons; to confirm your identity and to aid you in case your loan repayment plans go sideways due to unforeseen circumstances.

So that’s about it on all you need to know about what you need to get an auto title loan from us. like; your name, age, and address. We remain the best title loan company in Illinois, New Mexico, Florida, California and other states in America.

Provided you are 18 years of age and above, own a car, have a clear title in your name, have an income source to support the loan and can make available the above title loan requirements, you can the best car title loan from us.

You don’t have to be employed, no need for a perfect credit, with our EZ car title loan, you can get funded, provided you qualify. Our title loan representatives are available to make sure that you have the best experience and enjoy the maximum benefits that come with getting a title loan when you come to us for help.

If you meet all our easy stipulations, then do not delay another second to apply and get yourself a title loan today. Come to any TFC Title Loan office located near you for a title loan application, or apply online by accessing the online application form on our website. You can also give us a call to get started and we will be happy to help you.

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