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    There are many reasons why our customers have decided to take out loans with us. We have learned through our many years of experience in the title loan industry that all customers are unique in both their needs and situations. Below we have included a few different uses for our loans that we have heard from our past customers but it is most certainly not an exhaustive list since we continue to receive feedback from customers who share new ways they have utilized our services.

    Car Impound Loan

    A car being impounded is an extremely frustrating experience in more ways than one. A particularly difficult aspect of that situation is all the fees. You have to pay the cost of the tow, the cost of storage, the cost of missed payments, the cost of repairs, and the legal fines. These can really add up and you might not have enough to cover it. Many of our customers have borrowed loans from us to cover these costs so they can get their car back and move on with their day-to-day life.

    Classic Car Title Loan

    Getting a title loan on your classic or vintage vehicle allows you to borrow all the money you need without having to give up one of your most prized possessions. Since classic cars tend to be worth a decent chunk of cash you can borrow a good-sized loan based the current value of the car. Don’t worry though, you will not need to forfeit your car throughout the life of the loan.

    Funeral Funding

    Losing a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with overwhelming financial struggles. Sadly, funeral costs can bring about struggles such as those. Per the NFDA, a funeral costs an average of $7,181 which is a lot of money to gather in less than a week; a week being the time frame most families aim for. There are few options for people who need money that quickly. But TFC Title Loans can provide you with borrowing options that can help you with those funeral costs.

    Retainer Funding

    Legal help can come at a steep price but it is usually necessary when you find yourself in any sort of legal dispute. We could help you borrow money to cover your retainer fees so you can get the legal help that you need. This is a stressful enough time for you without needing to worry about how to cover the legal costs of your situation.

    Cyber Monday Loan

    Does Cyber Monday shopping not fit into your budget this year? Perhaps you should consider borrowing a loan from TFC Title Loans so you can take advantage of all the deals and free shipping on Monday. By taking out a loan you can increase your spending budget exponentially so you don’t let all the sales pass you by.

    Black Friday Loan

    You can’t do the holidays without the Black Friday deals. No matter how crazy and hectic Black Friday can be, all the savings are completely worth it. If you take out a loan with TFC Title Loans then you won’t let all the sales pass you by. So, get your Christmas list ready so you can take advantage of all of Black Friday’s amazing benefits.

    Holiday Loan

    No matter how lovely the holidays are, they can also be extremely stressful. Between family conflicts and meal plans you don’t need to be worrying about money as well. Having some extra cash in your pocket with the help of a loan from TFC for gifts, holiday parties, travel, and holiday foods can make a big difference. You can glide right through the holidays with some financial freedom.

    Car Repair Loan

    You need your car in order to get to work. Your car is vital because you can’t make money unless you have it to get where you need to go. However, you might not have enough money saved up to cover the repairs that are needed to get your car in working condition. Getting a loan from TFC Title Loans can get you back on the road in no time.

    Vacation Loans

    Traveling is the single most influential experience anyone can have in their life.  You shouldn’t let finances stop you from having that experience. When you travel, you find out more about new cultures, meet new people, and learn more about yourself in the process. Taking out a loan with TFC Title Loans for travel is completely worth it!

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