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How Much Do Title Loans Give You?

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pexels-photoIf you are considering getting a title loan, you have probably already tried asking the question “how much do title loans give you?” and have never gotten a very straightforward answer.

How Much Can I Get For a Title Loan?

It makes sense because the answer is complicated and always changing but we would like to give you as straightforward of an answer as possible while explaining why the amount available is always changing.

Getting a car title loan has never been easier than with us. All you have to do is fill out our online title loan application, and we can get started.

Have you ever asked yourself, how much can I get for a title loan? The title loan value of my car? How much can you get on a car title loan? How much can you get for a title loan?

We will answer the title loan questions below.

How Much Do Title Loans Give You?

Here, at TFC Title Loans, we care deeply about lender transparency, consumer education, and customer support. In this resource article, we will attempt to answer the question “ how much do title loans give you?” in the most detailed way possible so you can make an informed decision about title loans.

Several determining factors go into the amount you can get for a title loan. These include the restrictions of the state where the title loan is being obtained, the value of the customer’s car, and the lender’s particular calculations.

We opened our doors in 1994, making us the oldest car title loan lender in California. Our title loans are easy to obtain with a quick approval process.

With almost 25 years of experience, we have been able to perfect the lending process including the determination of the amount that can be lent to our customers. If you are interested in how we determine your loan amount, then please continue reading.

 How Much Will Title Loans Give Me?

How Much Do Title Loans Give YouOne of the biggest determining factors of the amount you can be lent in a car title loan is the value of your car.

A car title loan is a secured loan which means that it uses collateral as a guarantee of loan repayment rather than your credit score or credit history report.

You can find out a general estimate of your car before even applying for a title loan easily enough through Kelley Blue Book.

Simply input the age, make, and model of your car and you will get a ball-park estimate of what your car is worth.

We have a more exact estimator that we run your car through to come up with the trade-in value based on the year, make, model, style, mileage, and condition. We usually try to determine the trade-in value as that is what most dealerships would value you at.

Restrictions by State For Title Loans

How Much Do Title Loans Give YouEvery state has different regulations for title loans.

This is one of the reasons why determining a hypothetical answer to how much money you can get from a title loan is nearly impossible because even if two people had the two same cars that were worth the same amount, they might not be approved for the same amount in they lived in different states.

The three main states that we service are California, New Mexico, and Arizona. California’s regulations surrounding title loans tend to be significantly stricter than both New Mexico and Arizona.

The minimum amount you can get with a title loan in California is $2,600 and the maximum title loan you can get is $50,000. Both Arizona and New Mexico’s minimum loan amount is $1,000.

To obtain a title loan in California? Your car ought to be valued at $4,000 at the bare minimum. Whereas to obtain a title loan in New Mexico or Arizona? Your car ought to have a value of at least $2,000. 

Title Loan Value Of My Car

How Much Do Title Loans Give YouAfter we more accurately determine the trade-in value of your vehicle using our more exact estimator? We require some pictures to verify the basic facts you have given us. And, we’ll follow that up with an in-person evaluation.

After those simple steps? We will have solid trade-in value for your car and can then determine what we can lend you.

TFC Title Loans can usually lend you around 50% of your vehicle’s total trade-in value although there are exceptions where we can approve you for more or less.

Getting more or less than 50% of your vehicle’s trade-in value is usually determined by your proof of income. Although, this proof of income does not need to be steady employment.

As long as you can prove that you have a steady influx of money enough to repay the loan? And, afford the monthly payment? You could be approved!

Both the value of your car AND your ability to repay the loan. Also, in full through affordable monthly payments are of equal importance in your approval!


How Much Money With Title Loans

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a ring. Whether you’re curious about pink slip loans or how to get a title loan.

We can give you a free quote at absolutely no obligation to you whatsoever. If you have decided that you would like to apply for a title loan?

Fill out our quick and easy online application right away! Now you know how much do title loans give you! We can also get a title loan that is near for you.

Here is some more information on title loans that you might find interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Can I Get With an Auto Title Loan?

The amount you receive to borrow for a car title loan will depend on the lender, your car condition, mileage, make, model and age.

What are car title loans?

A car title loan is a type of secured loan. Borrowers have the ability to use their car title as collateral to obtain the auto title loan.

Is there a lien placed on my vehicle when I get a title loan?

Yes. When you obtain a title loan, a lien is placed on your vehicle until you've paid the loan off fully.

How Much Cash Can i Get?

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