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    Loan in Sacramento by TFC Title Loans

    If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in need of a loan in Sacramento. Hence your question:

    Can I get the same day loan in Sacramento?

    loan in sacramento

    Well, this depends. If you’re looking to get money as soon as possible then you should consider an auto title loan. Let’s explain the little details concerning this type of loan.

    How does an auto title loan work?

    For this type of loan, you are borrowing the amount that your vehicle is worth. In essence, you are borrowing off of the equity of your car, RV, SUV, motorcycle, van, crossover, basically whatever vehicle you own. This loan is otherwise known as a pink slip loan or a vehicle collateral loan because your vehicle is the collateral you’ll offer to get this loan. Also, for a period of time or at least before you refund payments, the title and ownership of your vehicle will temporarily be bestowed on the lenders. But before you can do this, your vehicle has to qualify as collateral. To find out of your vehicle qualifies, visit our homepage and fill out the details.

    What requirements do I need to get a Pink Slip Loan in Sacramento?

    For a pink slip or vehicle collateral loan, the following things come into play. You will be expected to submit evidence of these for review upon loan application they include:

    • The make of your vehicle
    • The model of your vehicle
    • Your vehicle’s mileage
    • Proof of your monthly income
    • Proof of employment status
    • Documentation of a full coverage insurance policy on your vehicle.
    • Your personal references
    • Your professional references
    • A free and clear title on your vehicle
    • If the title is salvage or not
    • Your credit score


    Once you have given this evidence to your lender/lending company. The company will determine if your vehicle qualifies as collateral or not. They will also determine its worth. Remember it’s the amount of money your vehicle is worth that you will be allowed to borrow. Also, due to the state laws of California, for this type of loan, you are not permitted to borrow any amount less than $2,500. Hence if your vehicle is worth more than this stipulated amount, you can borrow more than this. It all comes down to the type of vehicle you own.

    How do I get started?

    If your vehicle qualifies for this type of loan, you might as well want to start the process immediately. This is simple. At TFC title loans, all you need to do is to give us a call or visit our website to kick-start your applications. Either way, you will be heavily guided with information concerning this loan type. Also to answer your initial question, once you have submitted all the necessary information we need to get started, and we have verified them to be true, you can receive your loan in as little as 15 minutes. So yes, with us you can get the same day loan in Sacramento.

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