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    What are the interest rates of Car Title Loans?

    Car title loans are a special kind of loan that requires the title of a car or any other vehicle as collateral before being granted to an applicant, with enough equity in it. You might be wondering what are the rates on title loans?

    What a lender usually requires here is the title of a car and the loan would be given to the applicant. After the loan has been granted, the title of such a car or any other vehicle for that matter would cease to belong to the borrower.

    Title Loan Interest Rates

    Car title loans have helped a lot of people to solve emergency financial needs owing a vehicle to their quick approval.

    In spite of the many positives that come with car title loans, one of the criticisms they still get is that they come with very high-interest rates. Are you interested in discovering how true this is? Read on.

    What are the interest rates of car title loans?

    Sincerely, we are not in a position to tell you the exact interest rate anyone charges. However, you must know that most credit lenders are always involved in the practice of charging a high interest rate for whatever reason.

    With us at TFC Title Loans, you can rest assured that this is not the case. We charge fairly reasonable interest rates for our title loans and the records are there to speak for us.

    What documents do I need to get a car title loan?

    To get our car title loan at TFC Title Loans, there are some documents you must provide to get the best rate on a title loan. These documents include when you apply:

    • Your car title
    • Car insurance documents
    • Your current car registration
    • Proof of income generation
    • Proof of residency
    • Means of identification
    • Professional or personal references
    • A credit check is required

    Providing these documents would give you the chance to access our car title loans.

    What is the maximum amount I can get?

    The maximum amount you can get with our car title loan is $25,000. This is the standard amount that is permitted by the law for anyone to get through title loans.

    Would I get my title back?

    Yes. You would be getting your car title back once you have fully repaid the amount you got through the car title loan.

    What are the benefits of car title loans?

    The car title loans that we offer at TFC Title Loans come with a lot of amazing benefits. Some of them are listed below.

    • Quick loan approval as you would be getting the loan approved on the same day you applied because of our same-day funding policy.
    • You would be able to get the loan with your bad credit ratings no matter where you live.
    • Competitive interest rate.

    At TFC Title Loans, our interest rates are determined by factors like your creditworthiness, tenor of the loan, the value of your vehicle, the amount you are requesting, etc.

    However, you must know that in all of this, your welfare is considered paramount and our interest rates are fair enough to you regardless of your status.

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