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    How To Get A Loan On A Car Title?

    Here at TFC Title Loans, we have earned our position as the best company to get a loan on a car title. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that people receive a loan without more stress than they should.

    Unlike a lot of other credit companies, our processes are easy and fast. When it comes to the provision of an easily accessible loan on a car title, you know we are the company you should trust.

    Loans On Car Title

    So, when you need urgent cash to take care of an emergency, you know the right company to turn to for loans on a car title.

    Here, we’ve outlined comprehensive answers to a few frequently asked questions regarding loans on car titles.

    How To Get A Cash Advance On A Car Title?

    We have made the application process involved in accessing our loans on a car title is easy and quick. Our simplified process makes it easy for you to access cash when financially stuck or when an emergency comes up.

    Our policies include overlooking some things to make the loan on a car title more easily accessible.

    One of such things we overlooked is credit history, so you can apply for and access this loan irrespective of your past credit record. With this policy, you are sure that you can get your loan quickly, irrespective of your credit history.

    How Quick Can I Get a Loan On A Car Title?

    We understand that when it comes to financing, there’s always the need for ease and speed and as expected, we have simplified our own process to make it fast and easy.

    The pink slip loan is particularly easy and available at all times, often depending on how quickly you can provide the documents required.

    If you can get the documents ready in a few hours, then you can get your loan. If not, it can take up to a few days to authenticate.

    Generally, it takes an average of one to two days to get your loan in your hands. The documents we require is called “stipulation” and it contains information on your car’s worth, total mileage, and other important things.

    What Credit Score Do I Need When Seeking A Loan On A Car Title?

    Our processes are different from others in several ways, especially in speed and ease. However, we still need to know a few things about you before releasing the loan, so that we don’t end up running at a loss.

    As a priority, we will check the value of your car to be sure that it can cover your loan. Of course, the amount of loan you can have access to depends on the present value of your car.

    As long as your car is valuable enough, we will release a loan to you, even if your credit score is just a little above 500.

    What Other Things Can Mark My Chances of Getting a Loan On A Car Title?

    Before authenticating your title loan request, we will ask that you provide proof of your employment. This is so to be sure that the loan you are taking is within your income reach.

    Other things that we also check include your car mileage, insurance papers, receipts, and invoices among other important documents.

    Take a moment to check our website out, to get started into the process of getting your first bad credit loan on a car title.


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