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    How to Get Car Title Loans Without Bank Accounts?

    Getting a credit facility can be a daunting task unless you are rich and have a great credit score. How then can someone even think of getting one without a bank account? That seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not impossible. With TFC Title Loans, you can get a loan without having a bank account.

    If you are interested in knowing how you can go about achieving this, go through some of the following FAQs about TFC’s car title loans and how they can help you solve your financial worries.

    Can I get a car title loan without a bank account?

    Yes, you can. Our car title loans at TFC Title Loans can be gotten even without having a bank account. We have made it easy and possible for everyone to get it in whichever way they choose to.

    What are the requirements to get a car title loan?

    With us, the requirements for getting a car title loan are simple. They include:

    • You must present a lien-free title of your car.
    • You must present your means of identification.
    • You must be a permanent resident to find your local location.
    • You must provide the insurance papers for your car.
    • You must provide proof of your income generation (usually around $1200 per month).
    • You must be 18 years and above.

    My car is old. How will this affect my chances of getting the loan?

    It depends on how old your car is. If your car does not have up to 200,000 mileage in it, and it still has an equity value of over $700, then you would be considered for our car title loans.

    However, if your car’s equity value is less than $2500 or it has accumulated more than 200,000 mileages, we might not work with you.

    What if the car is not mine, can I still use it?

    No. We would only grant our car title loan to you once you have presented the title of your car (which must be owned by you) to us. We are only interested in working with the owners of the car, and not a third party.

    How long does it take to pay back the title loan?

    Title loans are usually short-term financial securities. With us, you are usually expected to pay back within 90 days.

    Would I get my car title back?

    Yes. You would get your title back when you have fully repaid your title loan.

    If you are also interested in getting a title loan with us without a bank account, contact us today and we would be happy to help you.

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