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    How Much Can You Raise From a Car Title Loan in California?

    Cash emergencies happen all the time. They happen to everybody too. There are reasons why you can be strapped of cash sometimes. Things that need urgent attention like rent, home repairs, medical bills, car repairs, and funeral expenses can be very difficult if you don’t have the right person or institution to back you up.

    All the processes involved in securing loans from a traditional bank and the time wastage makes it a non-acceptable option. Situations like these make car title loan a solution you can almost deal without. Over time, people have continued to ask questions like:

    How much can I be entitled to an application for a collateral loan in California?

    This type of loan is basically based on your vehicle’s equity. Here, we will try everything possible to answer this question as comprehensively as possible. However, you can still go through some of the articles in our FAQ section to get a full grasp of everything related to this question.

    Firstly, we operate in California; hence we are bound by all of California’s regulations. The organization in charge of title loan regulations in California is the state department of business oversight in California. While in the quest to understand how car loans work in California, you should keep in mind that these things are controlled at the state level hence regulations may differ across different states.

    Presently, the minimum amount set on all car loan is pegged at $2,500; hence we can’t consider any application that has a lesser amount. For our own safety, we even prefer to lens more than $2,500, so you may stand a better chance if you can afford up to $2,600 in equity.

    Secondly, your income level matters. You must have a consistent monthly income of at least $1,200. You don’t have to have a job to access this kind of loan in California, but you have to present an evidence of verifiable income amounting up to $1,200 per month.

    Thirdly, your vehicle’s state plays a very huge role. You must understand that despite our resolve to make the process involved in this as easy as possible, we are still in business to make profit, hence, we will compare the present state and look at the potentials for a quick resale.

    We may also not lend the full amount of what your vehicle is worth, to protect our interest too.

    After going through all these, we will then determine how much we can lend for your vehicle’s tittle, putting a lot of factors into consideration.

    Once we are done collecting every required information, we can then go on to make our offer, stating how much we can lend you and how much interest is due on it. Keep in mind that repayment periods may differ as a result of agreement, but interest level will be higher with longer repayment periods.

    Here at TFC Title Loans, we are dedicated to making the whole process easier; hence we have a team of professionals handy to help walk you through the process without hassles.

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