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    How Do I Get A Car Title Loan With An Old Car?

    Do you need some money urgently, but consider your vehicle too old to pawn for a loan? Don’t worry; we are here for you. Here at TFC Title Loans, we started to help you get access to money as quickly and seamlessly as possible; hence we’ve eliminated any barrier that will stop you from getting the best client experience.

    We will help you get a car title loan, even with your old vehicle. Of course there are other factors that we put into consideration, but generally, we put in our best efforts to get the money across to you in a short time.

    Generally, we require that your vehicle, irrespective of its age has its total miles to be less than 200,000. This is different when your car has a diesel engine on it, however. Here are detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding car title loans and how old your car needs to be to help you understand how it works properly.

    What facts do I need to know about when getting a car title loan on an older vehicle?

    We give title loans on old cars, but we consider a lot of other factors to access your eligibility so that we can be at a safe side. Some of the information we will ask you to provide includes:

    • Credit Score: We still take a look at this, although a low credit score may not really affect your chances, depending on how well you can meet other factors.
    • Your car make or brand
    • Your vehicle’s model
    • The purchase year of your vehicle
    • Your vehicle’s car mileage
    • If your vehicle has a salvage title
    • Your total monthly income – the law guiding title loans in California require that your monthly income is at least up to $1,200.
    • References – If you can get reliable people to vouch for your ability to pay back
    • Professional references – this may include educational qualifications and job history
    • Your insurance papers.


    We are ready to take your financial burden from you and make it ours, right from the moment when we get your first call. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff to make this possible, each trained to show you the path towards getting your loan request processed.

    The advantage of our car title loan is speed and efficiency. Most times, we don’t care about your credit history, meaning that we will still give you a loan, even with a bad credit record hanging on you.

    Please note that we will repossess your vehicle in the event when you default on any of your payment.

    Looking to get a car title loan on your old vehicle? Contact us, and we will get the process done in a short time.


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