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    Can I Get a Car Title Loan without Insurance?

    As more and more individuals are getting on the car title loans bandwagon, we usually get a lot of questions regarding how to go about the whole process and what is needed to access them. One of the frequently asked questions about car title loans is, if it is possible to access the facility without car insurance. We would be providing an answer to this below along with a host of other questions.

    Is it possible to get a car title loan without insurance?

    No. In as much as we would want to help people to get the financial helps they desire, it should be known that we are a for-profit organization and we also have a lot of bills to settle. Giving out a title loan to a car without a comprehensive insurance cover is way too risky even for us. We live in a world of uncertainties, and any car that is not covered by insurance poses a great risk if something were to happen to it. So, if you are interested in working with us to get a car title loan at TFC Title Loans, it is important that you have a comprehensive insurance cover for your car.

    I’m disabled, can I still apply?

    Yes, please. In fact, nothing would give us more joy than to help someone like you to secure the quick funds you need. We are happy and ready to work with you once you can prove that you have a genuine means of generating income.

    Would I lose my car if I can’t pay back?

    That is one of the options, but it is usually the last option we consider. The ideal situation with us is to work with you and help you make sound decisions that would allow you pay back your loan. If for any reason you can’t pay back as promised, we might give you a grace period to complete the payment. If after this you still can’t repay the loan, then we might be forced to sell your car and use the proceeds to offset the outstanding loan amount.

    What if I am able to pay back earlier than planned?

    That would be great. You can repay your title loan whenever you feel you are ready to do it. There are no fines for doing so. If anything, it would only enhance your reputation as a good borrower and strengthens our relationship.

    How many times can I use my car to get a title loan?

    This is an interesting question. What you must know is, you can use your car to borrow for as many times as possible once the title is still lien free and the equity value is still over $2500. In fact, once you have fully repaid a car title loan, you can still use the car to apply for another instantly.

    What would it cost me to apply?

    Applying for the car title loan would cost you absolutely nothing. Just walk into any of our offices or visit our website to apply free of charge.

    Car title loans are helping a lot of people to solve their financial issues all over America, don’t be left out, visit a TFC Title Loans office today and apply for yours.

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