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    Can I Get A Car Title Loan With A Bad Credit?

    Can I get a car title loan with bad credit? There’s only one answer to this question, and it is Yes! Yes, you can get a car title loan even if your credit score is dwindling.

    Why? Well because your lender is using your vehicle equity as collateral on the loan hence, your credit score and history are irrelevant. In this piece, we will be explaining how you can get a car title loan with a bad credit score.

    However, first, let’s refresh our knowledge of car title loans. This type of title pawn loan is an emergency loan. It is based on the equity of the borrower’s vehicle.

    How can I get a vehicle title loan with bad credit?

    However, the amount you borrow depends on several factors and lenders will only grant you about 60-80 percent of the wholesale value of your vehicle in the Kelly Blue Book. Before you get a vehicle title loan, your lender will need to see proof of certain things, this includes:

    • A monthly income of $1,200 from a stable source. This doesn’t have to come from a job. If you have other sources of monthly income that can get you this amount or more, you’re good to go.
    • The brand, the model, the year, and mileage on your vehicle. It is recommended that your vehicle unless it’s a diesel engine, needs to have mileage under 200,000 to qualify.
    • The title on your car, either clean or salvage.
    • The condition of your car.
    • Your credit score – This is not as important as credit inquiries.
    • Your personal and professional references.
    • Other factors.

    How can I get started?

    To find out if your vehicle qualifies for a car title loan, simply head over to our TFC title loans website. Once your vehicle qualifies, you can start your application process.

    Applications can be done online via this same website or through our agents. Simply call us on our toll-free lines and we’ll get started, we have partner locations all over the country.

    Our representatives are skilled professionals that will provide answers to all your questions as soon as they come. You will be heavily guided through this process and there’s nothing to worry about.

    How soon will I receive the loan after applying?

    Some lenders take a few hours, others take a day or two. Nevertheless, this depends on how fast you can provide all the above requirements to the lender.

    With us, after you have given us all we need, you can get your car title loan in as little as 24 hours. Our process is completely hitch-free and we will give you the loan in real-time to fix your emergencies. Give us a call today and apply now.

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