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    Can I Access Car Title Loans on Sunday?

    Car title loans present people with a real chance to get the quick funds they require for their emergency needs. Since emergency needs can occur at anytime, a lot of people have been asking if it is possible for them to access title loans at anytime, including Sundays. We have provided the answers to this question and a few other frequently asked questions below. Read on to find out.

    Can I get title loans on Sunday?

    First, our title loans are called emergency funds because we want them to be able to solve all emergency needs. No one gets to plan for emergency needs and they can happen at anytime including Sundays. At, TFC Title Loans, we are open for business every day of the week, including Sundays. This means you can always walk into any of our offices or contact us through our website to apply for your car title loans even on Sunday.

    How soon can I get the loan approved?

    Our car title loans are fast and easy to get. We have worked out the modalities in the past to ensure people who needs emergency funds could get them as soon as possible. We practice same day funding, and you would most likely be getting your application approved in 24 hours or less.

    Is it possible to get the whole process done online?

    Yes, it is very possible. There have been a lot of applicants who never set foot in our offices before getting their loans approved. All we need is that you provide every single piece of information we require, and once this is done, you are good for our title loan.

    Would bankruptcy influence my chances of getting a title loan?

    Bankruptcy is a very serious issue. It would surely influence your chances of getting our title loans, but it doesn’t totally rule you out. Legally, after filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you have been discharged by your creditors and trustee before you can apply for any other credit facility. If you are able to get the permission from your trustee or creditors, we would be willing to work with you to get our car title loans.

    Is there a prepayment penalty?

    No, there are no prepayment penalties at TFC Title Loans. You can pay up your loans when you deem fit without any worries about a backlash. Paying earlier than expected could even be a good thing as far as we are concerned. So, there are no worries on that ground.

    Car title loans come with very high interests, don’t they?

    This depends on the lender you are working with. It is true that some lenders are involved in charging very high interest rates, but you don’t need to patronize them as there are a lot of other options with fair and competitive interest rates out there. With us, the interest rates are fair to all and very competitive in relation to what is on offer in the industry.

    TFC Title Loans is a firm that has been in the business of granting car title loans to individuals all over America for a long time now. We have an amazing track record which speaks for us, and we would be willing to work with you in California to secure your emergency funds if you are interested in getting one.

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