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Day Trading Tools Professional Traders Use (and You Should, Too)


More and more people are venturing out on various investment platforms and strategies to earn a decent revenue when it comes to growing their money. While some buy and hold, some bolder investors are keener on day trading. With day trading, the risk may be bigger, but the rewards can also be lucrative. To ensure that you get to maximize your trading strategy efficiently, below are some of the tools that professional traders use, which you can also utilize to your advantage.

Day Trading Brokerage

One of the primary tools that you need to leverage in day trading is a reliable brokerage or a platform that will facilitate your trades. Make sure to be selective when it comes to choosing the brokerage that you will engage in because not all of them are created equal. Some may have more features than others, but if you are a beginner, you may not get the chance to use all the features they offer. You also need to consider the price you have to pay in using the brokerage platform because some may charge greater commission fees than others.

Charting Software

Another tool that you need to familiarize yourself with is a charting tool that proves to be beneficial in day trading. In this case, when you explore online sources, you may come across the article https://www.trusted-broker-reviews.com/footprint-chart/, which provides a good narrative on what a footprint chart is and how you should read it. There is also the option for you to consider using a candlestick chart but it may prove to be limited when it comes to the traded volume on the price, which is readily available on a footprint chart.

Breaking News Provider


You need to understand the reason why stock prices are moving and what influences their movements. For this, you need to utilize a breaking news provider that easily presents to you the latest headlines. newsIn this way, you are instantly updated on which stocks are spiking, as well as the breaking reports that can influence your trading strategy. Rest assured that with a breaking news provider, you will have a piece of immediate information on news catalysts that pushes stock prices to move higher.

Market Data

Finally, you need to ensure that you have timely market data, which your broker may readily provide, but only when you request it. In this case, you have to specify which type of market data you need such as stock market data if you are trading stocks or contracts if you are trading futures. Just keep in mind that you only have to subscribe to the data that you need.

Aside from coming up with an effective day trading market strategy, you also need to ensure that you are equipped with the tools that will optimize your trading technique. Alongside a reliable day trading brokerage, you also need to leverage charting software, as well as a breaking news provider. A timely market data will also prove to be beneficial. Maximize the use of these tools as much as you can and for sure, you will be able to come out victorious when it comes to day trading.

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