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    Get Your Payday Loan Approved With These 6 Super Tips

    No matter the state of the economy, there comes a time when we’ll have no choice but to borrow money on short notice — whether it’s to cover living expenses, settle tax debts, or for emergencies. Among the multitude of options at one’s disposal, payday loans are a popular choice for those who need urgent cash. 

    Also known as “cash advance” loans, this type of unsecured personal loan requires no collateral. They’re based on a portion of the borrower’s income, usually don’t exceed a few hundred or thousand dollars, and come with high interests. Now, if you’re thinking of taking out a payday loan, here are six resourceful tips to get yours approved in no time.

    1) Meet Basic Loan Criteria

    For the most part, payday credit providers base their decision on the borrower’s profile. Fortunately, the criteria for these short-term loans aren’t as drastic as other types of credit. You must be at least 18 or 21 years old depending on your country or state of residence, have an active checking account where the money will be deposited, and prove your ability to repay the loan in due time (more on this below). So, if you falter on one of these starting requirements, your odds of approval will be quite low.

    2) Select a Local Lender

    Thanks to their growing popularity, you won’t have trouble finding a certified lender, whether you live in Canada or the United States. You may choose a traditional physical lender or visit a site to get an idea of what online payday loan institutions look like in Canada. Whichever option you go for, make sure you select a lender close to home to ensure a smooth process and avoid complications later on. Use this opportunity to compare loan fees and interest rates, too.

    3) Check the Employment Requirements

    As a “potentially risky” borrower, you’ll need to reassure your lenders that you’re indeed capable of paying back your loan. This is perhaps one of the most important criteria for approval. For that reason, you’ll be asked to provide proof of employment and a pay stub to disclose how much you earn every month. Although the requirements vary from lender to lender, a stable full-time job is almost always a guarantee to have your payday loan application approved.

    4) Show Full Disclosure

    It goes without saying that lying about your employment status, level of income, or other aspects of your application can compromise your chances of securing a payday loan. Lenders expect no less than honest, transparent borrowers who they can trust. Similarly, attempting to conceal your poor credit history will only result in a letter of rejection. Whichever credit provider you apply to, show full disclosure as proof of your engagement and seriousness as a customer; you’d be surprised how far this can take you.

    5) Only Borrow What You Need

    Just because you’re the ideal candidate for a cash advance loan doesn’t mean you should go all out. These are short-term, high-interest loans, which don’t necessarily make them the most advantageous credit option. However, they’ll come in handy if you’re ever caught in a pinch and need to secure some cash as soon as possible. In general, the higher the amount you want to borrow with these loans, the less likely approval will be. So, remember to take out only what you need to avoid making repayment a never-ending hassle.

    6) Double Check Your Application

    Finally, when it comes to financial matters, especially credit, discipline, and organization are essential. Before you start to fill out forms or take a step towards getting your payday loan approved, take a moment to check that your documents are all in order. 

    Payday loan
    Payday loans

    Prepare a copy of your photo ID, passport, pay stubs, and keep them in a neat folder or scan them and store them in a dedicated digital file. This will help you send the right documents to your lender and avoid unnecessary back and forth, which may send the wrong signals.

    Ultimately, while the thought of taking out a loan might make you anxious, securing a payday loan is a relatively simple process. As long as you’re able to provide all required documents, attest your income, and give your lenders proof of your solvability, getting your application approved should be a cakewalk. Word to the wise: If you’ve never taken out this type of unsecured loan before, be sure to conduct some research and consider a few more borrowing options before reaching out to a qualified payday loan lender. Also, settling existing debts first always helps!

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    Title loans will be able to get you more money than a payday loan, and the terms are easier for you to pay back. As long as you have the income to support the monthly payments, it is a better option for you.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    Can a Personal Loan Bail You Out Of COVID-19?

    Covid 19 and personal loan
    Covid 19 and personal loans

    COVID-19 so far has disrupted a lot of businesses and personal plans of individuals across the globe and as a result, unbalanced the economy of many countries as several businesses remain shut, we will give you some information on Covid 19 personal loans. The question to ask here is that, can a personal loan provide a solution to the financial crisis that this global pandemic has caused?

    As the world continues to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may look like it is not a good time to consider taking out a loan. For those who want to maintain a healthy financial status after losing their job, or after suffering one loss or the other as a result of the pandemic, a personal loan might just be what they can use as leverage to get back on the right financial track.

    There are several places where you can take out a personal loan, some of these places include credit unions, online lenders like TFC Title Loans, Brick-and-mortar banks, and peer-to-peer lenders among others.

    Why A Personal Loan Might Just be What you Need at This Time

    But this might not be true in its entirety, as getting a personal loan is one of the ways to consolidate debt, save money, and also lower interest rates in the process. So it is more like a double-edged sword that can get you relief in many ways that you can’t even imagine in the first instance.

    Now that we have answered the question of whether a personal loan is right at this time, let us take a look at some of the reasons why a personal loan might be the right choice at this time.

    It Helps to Save Money

    Taking out a personal loan can help you save money and this is the best reason to consider a personal loan at this time. Now let’s consider a real-life scenario. If you have two high-interest credit cards with both having an interest rate of 17%, and you are presently owing $10,500. If your minimum monthly payment is $315, it will take you 46 months to completely pay off the loan and you would have paid a total sum of $3,811 as interest.

    On the other hand, if you get a loan of $10,500 to pay off the debts on the two high-interest credit cards. If your interest rate on the new loan is 6%, and you signed a 48-month loan term. The new monthly payment will be $247, and at the end of the loan term of 48 months, you would have paid $1,336 in interest. This means you would have saved a total sum of $2,475. This is saving is what you can channel into your emergency fund.

    personal loan and covid 19
    Personal loans covid 19

    You can also make use of the 0% balance transfers. This allows you to transfer high-interest credit cards to a card with a 0% balance. This method makes more sense. It all depends on how fast you want to pay off the debt. The earlier you pay off the debt, the more you can save.

    It can Make Life More Comfortable

    The level of anxiety and worry has soared among individuals who have families to cater to during this COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, if taking out a loan can help you save more at this time, then it can as well make you more relaxed and comfortable. A personal loan can help you save more and also streamline bill payments.

    A personal loan will not only enable you to streamline your bills but will also make you consolidate your debts into a single bill that can be deducted automatically from your checking account at the end of each month.

    Online Title Loans From TFC

    You can take out a personal loan from TFC by applying online. TFC Title Loans is a reliable and dependable title loan company that can help you in this time of financial crisis. You can take out a personal loan from us by using your vehicle title as collateral. A title loan enables you to borrow money against the equity in your car.

    This means that you can get as much personal loan as the equity or worth of your car when you apply for a car title loan from us at TFC. We offer same-day funding on our loans, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of delay when you apply for our online title loans application.

    Why personal loan might not be right for you

    In case you are not positioned to get a personal loan because you lost your job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have lots of debts on you already, or maybe your credit score is just too low for a low-interest personal loan, then you have to consider other means.

    You might want to work on making your credit score better. This may take time though.

    It must be noted that a personal loan isn’t the only way to save money. If you have an impressive credit score, you might want to explore the option of a 0% interest credit card.

    In conclusion, all you need to do is to evaluate your current situation and you may speak with one of our loan experts at TFC Title Loans.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a car title loan in your area, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    Loan Options And Payment Relief Available During Covid-19

    Covid 19 loans
    Covid 19 loans

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has dealt a big blow to economies of countries around the world, affected businesses and personal finances are in shatters, we will give you some information on Covid 19 loans. We have seen individuals, businesses, and even countries requesting assistance in the form of finance and other relief materials to keep hopes alive during this period.

    The reality on the ground is that even if some of these countries, businesses, and individuals get debt relief and stimulus checks, it might still not be enough to keep the wheel of their financing in motion, and there would still need to borrow money. Already, we have some people with personal loans that they are servicing, and taking out additional loans might not be the best option for them.

    This scenario has seen lenders modifying their loan terms by introducing low, rate loans and tightening approval requirements for consumers already faced with serious financial difficulties. While some other lenders are already letting off existing consumers through deferment of their personal loans without charging any fee.

    It is the reality of the times we live in and all measures needed to keep life as normal as possible should be put in place. This will include sacrifices on the part of both the lenders and borrowers. We have seen sportsmen across the globe take pay cuts just to help sustain the financial sanity of their teams and also ensure other lower support staff are not laid off as a result of this crisis ravaging the world.

    Do you need to borrow money?

    There are lots of avenues to borrow money if you need to. However, you must be careful to ensure you are not going to the wrong places for loans. There are lots of scam lenders around, especially online lenders. Hence, if you plan to take out a loan, read well about your lenders, ensure they are licensed and regulated.

    Covid 19 loans
    Covid 19 loans

    You don’t want to compound your financial woes at this time by falling into the hands of scammers who will swindle you.

    There are recognized leaders such as Capital Good Fund and several other United States Banks offering small loans at very accommodating rates. Also, there are specialized title loan providers such as TFC Title Loans who understand the peculiarity of this time and can offer loans at reasonable rates.

    United State banks

    Presently, U.S. banks are offering two different types of loans to their existing customers. These loans include simple loans and personal loans.

    • Simple Loan: this is a small dollar, short-term loan. On March 13, 2020, the company reduced the fees on loans of this type from $12 for every $100 borrowed to $6. The term for this loan is 3 months and the loan amount is from $100 to $1,000 borrowed in $100 increments.
    • Personal Loan: Banks in the U.S. made several temporary changes to their personal loan terms in March. Personal loans normally come with a 1% prepayment fee, but this fee has since been waived for loans below $5,000 according to a spokesman in the industry.
    • Also, these temporary loans have smaller loan amounts, shorter terms, and a fixed low rate. The loan amount that can be gotten in this category ranges from $1,000 to $4,999. An annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 2.29 applies for all borrowers who are approved for a personal loan, and the loan term is for up to 48 months.

    Capital Good Fund

    Capital Good fund is not left out during this crisis. They are offering relies loans to consumers in the 5 states where it operates; Florida, Illinois, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. The loans have a low-interest rate and deferred payments for the first three months.

    The loan amount that can be accessed via this medium ranges between $300 to $1,500 with an APR of 5% for all approved borrowers. The term of the loan is for 15 months, with payment due to comments after the first three months. One advantage of this relief loan is that the payment can be further deferred in case the COVID-19 crisis continues beyond this period. However, the interest will accrue during the 90-day period of deferment.

    The lender in this method considers banking history as its primary underwriting process rather than concentrating on the borrower’s expenses and income as criteria. Borrowers will know if they are approved after two days of submitting their application. With priority placed on applications for crisis relief.

    Other borrowing options include online lenders and credit unions.

    Online Title Loans From TFC

    You can also apply for an auto title loan from TFC. TFC Title Loans is an online loan company that offers affordable loans for our consumers. We have what it takes to serve you right at this time.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a car title loan near you, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    How Many Personal Loans Can I Take Out At Once?

    How many personal loans can you take out
    How many personal loans can you take out?

    Why go about daily activities, we are faced with so many situations that require financial obligations, and most of these situations usually come as emergencies. As a result of this, there might need to take out personal loans, and you might want to know how many personal loans you can take out at once.

    There are times when you have to pay for medical bills, fix your car that developed an unexpected fault, or even go on vacation. Most of these require funds and you might not pay for the bills involved at that moment. So, it is only normal to take out a loan in such situations.

    You might also want to consolidate your debt into a single payment or you want to refinance a current loan. The reality is that sometimes, a single loan may not be able to cater for all your needs. So, what do you do?

    As of today, there is no law or restriction that limits the number of loans you can get. No human rule or government law on this either. However, there are lenders that set a limit according to their discretion. One thing you should decide before taking out personal loans is to establish how many loans you can apply for and how well it will either balance or unbalance your financial wellbeing.

    How many personal loans can I take out at once?

    The number of loans you can take out depends largely on the evaluation of your lender. Your lender will not borrow you more than you have the capacity to repay based on your income and expenses. There are some that will allow two active loans at the same time with a predetermined benchmark set. Some will only allow you to take out a second loan if you have maintained prompt payment of the first loan consistently for six consecutive months.

    How many personal loans can i have
    How many personal loans can I have

    According to Luis F. Rosa, a certified financial planner, he said: “Most people will consider taking second personal loans just because they don’t qualify for the full loan from one lender.” For instance, if an individual needs a $15,000 loan but can only get $7,500 from a lender, then such person might want to apply for another $7,500 loan with a different lender.

    This is only normal for most people not considering is their financial capacity will carry such a loan. But the lenders, have to put this in check by proper evaluation of the person’s finances before approving a loan amount.

    If you want to get multiple loans, then you need to shop around for lenders who offer the lowest personal loan rate, and also do well to check the personal loan terms before you sign.

    Usually, lenders will assess your debt-to-income ratio (that is the percentage of your gross income that goes into the payment of a debt). If it is on a high side, then you might not be approved for the loan and you might have to explore other means to boost your chances. Another means that you can employ is to make a down payment or, get a cosigner.

    Online Title Loan From TFC

    You can apply to get a title loan at TFC Title Loans. To apply for our title loan online is very easy, simple, and straightforward. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office to complete the entire title loan process.

    We understand the peculiarity of this period, and this is why our services are available 24/7 online. Our loan agents and loan experts are also on the ground to guide you and proffer the most appropriate unique loan terms for you.

    How Our Title Loan Works

    When you apply for a car title loan at TFC, you will need your vehicle title as collateral so that you can still drive your car while you are paying off the loan. We will not impound your car.

    Once you are done paying off the loan, we will release the title of your car to you lien-free and we will also issue a lien release. You can get as many personal loans from us, depending on our evaluation of your capacity to repay the loan.

    We will take the time to understand your needs so that our loan experts can help you get the most out of your title loan.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting an auto title loan near me, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so you can know what loan terms are best for you and how you can get tailored-made loans for this global pandemic ravaging the world.

    We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Personal Loans Can Help in Crisis, But Here Things To Consider

    thing to consider with personal loans
    Things to consider with personal loans

    Paying for bills and covering expenses is now very difficult for most people as a result of the global pandemic. Businesses have shut down, and people are being laid off, while some can’t get full payment, or not getting paid at all.

    The government has been dropping stimulus checks into bank accounts and several other reliefs to cushion the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. However, these palliatives might not be enough for some people and they will have to get personal loans, most of which are unsecured. These loans are usually used for debt consolidation pay bills or home improvement tasks to cater for emergency expenses.

    While some lenders are tightening credit criteria for borrowers, others are offering low-interest relief loans.

    I will be presenting some vital things to know about taking out personal loans during this crunch financial season. From the things highlighted, you can decide if a personal loan will be appropriate for you.

    What is a personal loan?

    A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan offered to individuals by banks, online lenders, or credit unions. These loans can be used for anything, and are paid back in installments over a period of time. It usually comes with an interest rate that is fixed.

    Although many loan experts usually warn against taking out personal loans, they are the easiest type of loan that can be accessed especially in emergency situations.

    However, it is important too, first of all, to explore opportunities for getting loans via relief programs before considering taking on additional debt. And, personal loans should only be considered only when it is absolutely necessary to borrow.

    Since a personal loan is a type of unsecured loan, it doesn’t require collateral, this means that you don’t stand the risk of losing your asset when you apply to get a personal loan.

    With the fixed interest rate that personal loans carry, you have the opportunity to know how much you are paying each month, and when you will likely pay off the loan. Hence, it is better compared to credit cards that come with variable rates.

    The downside of personal loans is that the interest rates can be on the high side since the borrower is not bearing any risk. The whole risk lies in the lender. Some unsecured personal loans have interest rates above 30%.

    What does it take to get a loan?

    You have to be able to show your lender that you have the capacity of repaying a loan before they can approve your application. Most lenders have different requirements for approving loan applications from people with different credit scores.

    things to consider with personal loans
    Things to consider with personal loans

    Lenders are looking for borrowers who have the ability to repay the loan. This is why they request that borrowers show proof of a verifiable source of income, and they may also consider your credit score, depending on the type of loan you are applying for.

    The most things that influence whether your lender will approve you for a loan are your credit score, your earnings, and your payment records among others.

    When you are looking to get a loan, you have to decide on what you want and look for lenders who will offer you what you need. For example, if you want a long-term loan, then you might be paying more in interest. While short-term loans attract lower interest rates.

    Checkout all Options Available

    You have to put into consideration all things involved before taking out a loan. Evaluate the fees, and interest rates to be charged, so you can know how much you will be paying at the end of the loan term. For example, going with a lender that charges origination fees wouldn’t be a bad idea if they offer a lower rate and would guarantee that you will spend less on interest over the course of the loan.

    A proper way to check options available to you is to request quotes from more than two lenders. You can request a credit union, a bank, and an online lender.

    At this time, it is better to apply for loans that are offered as a result of the coronavirus crisis. These loans will have more accommodating terms and you can be more relaxed while you service the loan.

    Online Title Loans from TFC

    You can also get title loans from a specialized loan company like TFC Title Loans. We offer title loans for individuals and businesses who need cash to stay afloat during this crunch financial time.

    A title loan is a type of secured loan where the borrower uses their car as collateral in getting a loan from the lender. It involves borrowing money against the equity in the car being used as collateral.

    Using your car as collateral doesn’t mean that you will drop your car with us. You only need to drop your vehicle title with us, we will not impound your car. How much you can get depends on the equity in your car.

    You can apply for our auto title loan entirely online. Our loan agents will get in touch with you immediately after you submit your loan application online title loans.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan in your area, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    Five Questions to Ask When Applying for a Personal Loan in a Financial Crisis

    personal loan in financial crisis
    Personal loans in a financial crisis

    There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has unsettled the finances of many homes and individuals, personal loans in a financial crisis can help you. Although the government has provided several palliatives, stimulus checks, and relief materials, but yet, these palliatives didn’t go too far for most homes.

    Hence, the option left for most persons is to take personal loans to support the relief materials from the government. These personal loans can be gotten from credit unions, banks, and online lenders. Most of these loans are unsecured personal. The loan amount usually starts from $1,000 and above. Some lenders offer same-day funding, while others provide the loan the next day.

    Is now a good time to take out a personal loan? The norm is that you need to consider the interest rate as a primary determinant in taking out loans, and you will also compare rates from different lenders to see which one offers the lowest rate. However, with lenders now tightening requirements for qualification, there are additional questions that need to be answered before taking out a personal loan. We will consider some of these questions and provide answers to them in the sections that follow.

    Will I qualify for an unsecured loan?

    As a result of this crisis, some lenders have modified criteria by increasing both income requirements and credit scores for their applicants. This has made it even more difficult for borrowers to qualify for a loan and interest rates have also increased as a result of this. Hence, shopping for a loan is now more difficult than ever.

    Is a personal loan a good idea?

    A personal loan is a good idea under normal circumstances, as long as it is also put to good use. One thing to note is that a loan can be bondage and it can also be leveraged. It all depends on how well the loan is put into use. If the loan is utilized in such a way that it improves your financial status and you can pay the loan without going into further financial distress, then it is leverage and can be said to be a good one.

    financial crisis personal loans
    Financial crisis personal loans

    For example, a debt consolidation loan with a high-interest rate rolled into a single payment can be of help in paying off the debt faster.

    A personal loan should be considered in paying bills such as rent, medical costs, or utilities only if it is the only option available as it is an expensive thing to do especially in a crisis. Hence, if after exhausting all options and you need to pay your bills, then you can take out a personal loan.

    What an unsecured loan is used for doesn’t matter, since they are meant to be used for anything. Hence, if you have a large bill to settle, including unexpected expenses in a time of crisis like this, then it makes sense to apply for a personal loan. All you need to do is ensure that you are taking out a loan that you can manage over the loan term. The interest rate should be reasonable and the monthly payment must be what you can afford.

    If you default on the terms of the loan, it can adversely affect your credit score and may land you in court. Hence, be sure you are ready to manage the loan properly to avoid a further financial crisis.

    To get the right personal loan, you have to find the right lenders for you in terms of your credit, spending habits, income, and debt. Different lenders have their unique criteria for approving the loan, so be sure you find out what these requirements are and ensure they fit into your earning and lifestyle.

    What to consider

    There are a lot of things to consider when you want to take out a personal loan. Here are some of the things you need to consider;

    • How fast are you going to repay the loan?
    • How much will the loan cost?
    • What loan features are most important to you?
    • How soon do you need the funds?

    If you are able to find the right answers to these questions then you are guaranteed that you definitely will make the most of the loan.

    Online Title Loans from TFC

    You can get an online title loan at TFC at a very affordable rate and accommodating terms. TFC Title Loans is a licensed title loan company in the United States. We are reliable and dependable. Our antecedents count for us, you can count on our expertise to get financial aids during this COVID-19 pandemic.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan local to you, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    We have what it takes to serve you with loans that will not further put you under financial pressure. Our online loan application portal is available 24/7. Submit your application online and one of our loan representatives will get in touch with you almost immediately.


    Best Places to Find Personal Loans Near Me

    All different types of personal loans are available near me ranging from banks to credit unions and online lenders. The main difference between conducting my business online and in-person is the latter offers a more human and personalized touch. In any case, when I search for loans near me, I always compared offerings from multiple lenders to ensure the lowest interest rate is provided.

    Borrowers with credit falling between good and excellent (above 690) have the most options regarding loans. Those with lower credit, average or bad, are viewed by borrowers as higher risks but there are loan options out there for every borrower. The three main options I search for a personal loan near me include:


    Several large financial institutions and banks offer personal loans near me. However, at these larger institutions, borrowers require at least good credit to qualify for a loan. Nonetheless, as an established banking customer there are benefits like qualifying for a larger loan amount or applying without visiting a branch. Other banks offer loans without an origination fee or free credit scores.

    The most common banks near me that offer personal loans (up to a specific amount) include:

    • Citibank – Customers can borrow up to $12,500.
    • Discover – Provides free FICO scores and focuses on debt consolidation.
    • Marcus – A Goldman Sachs online lender that does not charge fees and features 12-month payment deferment after 12-months of on-time payments.
    • Wells Fargo – Borrowers can have money sent directly to creditors to consolidate debt.

    Some of the best-known and largest banks near me, like Chase and Bank of America, do not offer personal loans. Local community banks often offer personal loans so customers in good standing will have a great opportunity to get the lowest interest rates.

    Credit Unions

    Credit unions near me are a great option for any customer with any credit level because they offer the benefit of working with borrowers. These small banks are non-profit financial organizations that service those working, living, studying, or worshipping in a specific area. Only members can apply for loans so having an account with the credit union is necessary. When searching for a small personal loan under $2,500, credit unions are the best option. Many lenders do not offer such small amounts. Two examples of credit unions near me are First Tech Federal and Navy Federal. Many credit unions will offer larger loans only for those making home improvements.

    Online Lenders – Personal Loans Near Me

    Many online lenders require a pre-qualification process following a soft credit check to quote terms and best rates. This is a simple inquiry that does not impact the borrower’s credit. On the other hand, a hard credit check occurs when a customer applies for credit. This will briefly ding even the best credit scores but only for a short time.personal loans near me

    One of the greatest benefits of online personal loans is the competitiveness of the marketplace so lenders attempt to differentiate from traditional in-person loans near me with flexible payments, no fees, guidelines beyond traditional credit models, and other ways to lower interest rates. Unfortunately, to have this flexibility, borrowers must have strong credit scores who are borrowing large amounts at low rates.

    Naturally, some online lenders cater to those with lower credit scores. To have access to these loans there are three considerations:

    • Find a co-signer with better credit. Friends and relatives with good credit can help lower the interest rate or provide better chances of qualifying for the loan.
    • Find an online lender that focuses on borrowers with below-average credit. Additional considerations like earning potential often help in their decision.
    • Opt for a secured personal loan that requires collateral like a title for a car title loan or anything with value.

    While one personal loan source is not better than the other, it depends on multiple factors including the amount of the loan, repayment plan, credit score, interest rate, relationship with the lender, and many other options.

    How to Select a Lender

    This raises the next question; how do I select a personal loan lender near me? Well, there are many considerations to factor into the decision, including:

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    When shopping for personal loans near me, I first look at APRs, not only the monthly payment and interest rate. The APR includes all extra fees and the interest rate, so it is the best direct comparison between two loans.

    Customer-Friendly Features

    Also, when I am reviewing personal loans near me, I shop for rates but not just rates. I also consider lenders with customer-friendly features. For instance, many debt consolidation loan lenders send money to creditors, eliminating this extra step. Other lenders may forgive a late fee or allow me to select the payment due date. Having the flexibility to select a payment due date could be the difference between missing a payment that results in a late fee while negatively impacting my credit score.

    Interest Rates
    interest rate on loans near me
    Personal loans near me

    There are two types of interest rates offered by lenders, fixed and variable. Fixed interest rates will remain the same percentage throughout the life of the loan. On the other hand, variable interest rates fluctuate with the market. Variable rates are tied to the prime rate which is the interest rate banks lend to each other. Fixed rates are the most common type while variable rates have a lower starting APR.

    Loan Terms

    The best lenders are those that offer flexible repayment terms that work with me on the best rates and the ability to select a re-payment date. The more customer-focused they are, the better rates, service, and flexibility I receive.


    Reputation is extremely important when choosing a personal loan lender near me. Loan companies must stick to the contract. It is also important that they do not share my private information with advertisers, marketing firms, and other companies.

    Ultimately, finding the best personal loans near me takes time, effort, and research to select the best options. I always start with my bank to determine the personal loan options they can offer and branch out to other lenders if I am unsatisfied. Shopping for a loan is like shopping for any type of product, I look for the best deals with the most reputable companies near me and go from there!

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan local to you, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    All About Online Collateral Loans (And How They Work)

    Around 33% of Americans have a credit score that’s lower than 601. As soon as you slip below 600, you’re in the “bad credit range.” Even at 601 and a little above, that’s just considered “fair credit.”

    If your credit score is in this range, then you might know how difficult it is to get approved for some types of loans. You might be at your wit’s end, especially if money is tight and you need some assistance.

    In this article, we’ll discuss online collateral loans, including how they work.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan near you, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    What Are Collateral Loans?

    Collateral loans are also known as “secured loans.” Judging by these 2 names, you can probably infer that in order to get the loan, you have to put up one of your assets as collateral. This gives the lender extra reassurances and makes them more likely to let you borrow some cash.

    online collateral loans
    Get your collateral loan today

    Because they have this extra security, this means lenders are willing to work with people who have fair or poor credit. If this is you, then collateral loans can provide you with a huge sense of relief.

    Collateral loans also tend to have lower interest rates than unsecured loans. Again, this is because they have extra security, so lenders are willing to be more lenient on terms.

    The only downside is you have to use some of your assets as collateral. If you’re not 100% confident you can pay off the entire loan within the specified time period, then you’ll always have the worry that the lender will seize your asset.

    However, if you know you can pay this debt in a timely fashion, it can be worth exploring. This is especially true if you’ve been rejected for loans numerous times before due to your subpar credit score.

    What Can You Use as Collateral?

    Practically anything you have of value can be used as collateral.

    For example, did you know mortgages are a type of collateral loan? This is because you borrow a large sum of money with your house as collateral. If you’re not able to make your repayments, then the lender can seize your property to make up for it.

    Another popular type of collateral online loan is car title loans. This works very similarly to how mortgages work, but instead of using your home as collateral, you’re using your vehicle.

    Other things you can use as collateral include cash or savings account, jewelry or other valuables, and even your paycheck. As you can see, almost anything of value can be used to qualify for a collateral loan.

    How Do Online Collateral Loans Work?

    First, you’d go online to browse your options of lenders and brokers. Each will have its own pros and cons, so make sure you take the time to thoroughly read through their terms and conditions. It might be helpful to create a document with short bullet points on each one so, in the end, you can make a decision more easily by checking these pages.

    Apply for the Loan

    Let’s say that you decided on TFC Title Loans as of the collateral loan broker near your choice. You’ve done your research and feel like this is the best option for you.

    You should then find the application form on the website, which all lenders and brokers will have. You’ll have to give your personal details, such as your full name, address, email address, and phone number.

    If you’re applying for something like a car title loan, then you’ll also have to give some information about your vehicle. This includes the make, model, year, trim, and mileage.

    Once you’re done filling out the form, just hit “submit” and you’re good to go for now.

    Hear Back From the Lender or Broker

    With companies like TFC Title Loans, we have representatives working around the clock. What does this mean for you? That you don’t have to wait around anxiously for long to hear back about your collateral loan approval.

    In fact, we’ll get back to you within 5 minutes! This means you won’t have to worry about being distracted for the whole day, wondering if you’ve been approved for the cash you really need.

    Submit Additional Documents If Needed

    Did the lender or broker contact you to let you know you’ve been approved for a collateral loan? Then congratulations!

    After you’ve received this good news, you might need to submit additional documents, such as references and pictures of your vehicle, driver’s license, insurance, monthly income, and the car title itself if you’re applying for a car title loan.

    The lender or broker will then take a look at these documents to make sure everything is in order. If they are, then they’ll need to inspect your car for the title loan. This will enable the lender to get a better idea of what your car’s worth and how much they’re willing to lend you.

    Sign the Loan Documents

    Once the inspection’s done, the lender will then give you a final offer for your collateral loan. If you’re satisfied with the amount and terms, then you sign the documents and drive your car home!

    collateral loans online
    Collateral loans

    You’ll then adhere to the payment schedule they’ve set forth for you. Repayment terms can be anywhere between 30 to 180 days, depending on where you live.

    Apply for Collateral Loans Online

    Online collateral title loans are a great way to get quick funding for whatever you need. The fact that you can inquire online about them makes it even easier and more convenient!

    So save yourself some time and forget about physically going to each lender to find out what they can offer you in terms of collateral loans. Instead, do yourself a favor and just go with online options!

    Are you interested in applying for a car title loan from your phone? Then fill out our form now. You’ll have an answer about this collateral loan within a few minutes!


    DISCLAIMER: As our policy to make sure you know what we do and what are our limitations, we offer you these disclaimers. We are NOT A LENDER and we do not make short term cash loans or credit decisions. We are a referral service and work only with licensed lenders/brokers.

    We may act as the broker for the loan and may not be the direct lender. Loan proceeds are intended primarily for personal, family and household purposes. We do not offer or service student loans.

    *Loan amounts by the lenders vary based on your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan.

    *Since we do not lend money directly we cannot offer you a solicitation for a loan, except in the state of California. In all other serviced states we WILL match you with a lender based on the information you provide on this website. We will not charge you for this service and our service is not available in all states. States that are serviced by this Web Site may change from time to time and without notice. Personal Unsecured Loans and Auto Title Loans are not available in all states and all areas.

    *Auto Title Loan companies typically do not have pre-payment penalties, but we cannot guarantee that every lender meets this standard. Small Business Loans typically do have pre-payment penalties and occasionally will use your car as collateral to secure the loan.

    *All lenders are responsible for their own interest rates and payment terms. TFC Title Loans has no control over these rates or payments. Use of the work competitive or reasonable does not mean affordable and borrowers should use their own discretion when working directly with the lender.

    *The amount of people who applied for a loan and we helped and those who received a loan is not the same. We cannot guarantee we will find a lender who will fund you.Just because you give us information on this web site, in no way do we guarantee you will be approved for a car title loan or any other type of loan. Not all lenders can provide loan amounts you may see on this web site because loan amounts are limited by state law and/or the lender. Some lenders may require you to use a GPS locator device on your car, active all the time. They may or may not pay for this or charge you for this. This is up to the lender and we have no control over this policy of the lender. Typically larger loans or higher risk loans use a GPS.

    *In some circumstances faxing may be required. Use of your cell phone to receive updates is optional.

    *Car Title Loans are expensive and you may have other ways to get funding that is less expensive. These types of loans are meant to provide you with short term financing to solve immediate cash needs and should not be considered a long term solution. Residents of some states may not be eligible for a loan. Rejections for loans are not disclosed to our firm and you may want to contact the lender directly.

    *Car Title Loan lenders are usually licensed by the State in which you reside. You should consult directly with these regulatory agencies to make sure your lender is licensed and in compliance. These agencies are there to protect you and we advise making sure any lender you receive money from is fully licensed.

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