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How Much Cash Can i Get?


    Car Collateral Loans

    The amount of money that you will qualify for will depend on the equity that you have in your vehicle, you will also need to show your proof of income, and the title must be in your name.

    Using Your Car as Collateral

    With a car collateral title loan, you will not have to give up the possession of your vehicle, with our car title loans you will get to keep and continue to drive your car.

    Your vehicle will remain in your possession, but our referral partner will hold on to the title as the collateral for the auto money loan.

    As long as you make your monthly payments and do not default on your contract, you will get your title back after paying off the title loan contract.

     Requirments For a Title Loan

    You will need to supply certain documents when you are qualified for a title loan, you will need to provide a clear title of your vehicle in your name.

    Also, you will need to provide your driver’s license, your proof of income, your proof of residence, and 5 personal references.

    The requirements may slightly differ from lender to lender, but all of our referral partners will let us know what you will need to qualify when you are looking for a title loan near me.

    Different states will have different requirements, Delaware will be different from Alabama, so the state rules and regulations will determine how much money you can get.

    Some states will have different dollar amount requirements, but all states will accept the same cars, as long as the equity value is in it.

    Bad Credit Title Loans

    If you have a poor credit history, do not worry, as title loans are not based on credit score, the approvals are based on the equity that you have in your car, your monthly income, and that you have a clear title in your name.

    Car collateral loans are different than bank loans, as with bank loans their approvals are all credit-based, we do not worry about your credit.

    With car collateral loans, the lender has the security of your title, so if you default on the collateral loan, they will repossess the vehicle, and recover their money.

    The car collateral title loans that we provide to you, will have the lowest monthly payments, with the lowest interest rates. We make sure the payments will fit within your budget.

    How Much Can I Get With Car Collateral Loans?

    How much money you can get with car collateral loans will all depend on the equity value of your vehicle in the Kelly Blue Book, also the condition and the milage will also be a factor.

    Different states will also have different laws on how much you can get for the equity of your car, and also your monthly income will also be a deciding factor.

    You can send in your vehicle photos, to show the condition of your vehicle, by doing this you will not need to drive to a location for a vehicle inspection.  You will also need to take a photo of the mileage and the VIN number.

    State laws will impact the dollar amount, as some states will have a minimum dollar amount and a maximum dollar amount.

    Your monthly income will also let the lender know how much you will be able to afford, as the last thing we want is for you to default on your title loan because you could not afford the monthly payments.

    car collateral loan
    Get the best car collateral loans from us.

    Benefits Of Vehicle Collateral Loans

    The benefits of getting a vehicle collateral loan are that you can do the whole process online, and you can get the money that you need, on the same day that you apply.

    The online application online if fast, and easy to fill out, we are open 7 days a week, and we are also open late too.

    Our same-day title loans will get you there money that you need, and they are not approved on your credit score.

    We will get you a title loan with no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your title loan when you want without additional fees, unlike some other lenders.

    Apply For Your Automobile Collateral Loan Now

    A car title loan can get you the money that you need today, and with our low monthly payments, it has never been easier to afford a title loan.

    You can apply for your title loan online today, we can get you a preapproval on the dollar amount within minutes.

    Or if you want to call us, we can do the whole title loan process over the phone, by taking your application and getting you pre-approved.

    Contact us today and use your car as collateral to get you the fast cash that you are looking for with your car title ID and your proof of income.

    Local Title Loans

    There is no need to drive all over town when you need to get a title loan. We are here to help you to get a local title loan, so it will be easy for you to get the money that you need, without driving all over town.

    Sometimes fining a local title loan company is easy, the difficult part can be knowing which company you should choose. If they are all offering the same thing, how do you know what company is best for you?

    If all the companies are saying they will get you the money that you need, how can you choose? That is where we can help you, we will help you to get the right local title pawn loan company.

    Choosing the right company for you can be confusing, as all the companies seem to be offering the same product, but when you contact us, we will help you to get the ultimate title pawn loan, that will fit within your monthly budget.

    Choosing The Right Local Title Loan Company

    Choosing the right local title loan company can be difficult, as not all local title loan companies are the same, we will help you to find the right one for you.

    We have the largest network of car title loan companies in the nation, so no matter where you are living, as long as car title loans are permitted in your state, we can help you get the local title loan.

    Choosing the right company, that will give you the money that you need, with the lowest interest rate, no-prepayment penalties, same-day funding, with a credit check, or without a credit check, is what we do.

    Not all companies will do motorcycle title loans, or give you the correct amount of money on it. Not all local title loan companies will do commercial vehicle title loans.

    Some companies will only give you 50 % of the wholesale value of your vehicle, we will be able to make sure that you can get the max title loan from a local provider, with the minimum documents.

    The title loan requirements will differ slightly from state to state, and some states like South Carolina, do not have many requirements.

    Local Car title loans
    We will help you to get local title loans

    Local Title Loans With Bad Credit

    If you have bad credit, that will not stand in your way of getting a local title loan, we make sure that if you have poor credit, it will not stand in your way of getting the money you need in your neighborhood.

    Using the equity that you have in your vehicle that is registered in your name, is how you will get qualified for your local title loan, so if you have poor credit, do not worry.

    With your ability to make your monthly payments, along with the equity of your vehicle, we will help you to get the local title loan that will fit within your monthly budget, with low monthly payments. We are open late for you and we are also open 7 days per week.

    We are here to help you to get a local online title loan today, no matter where you are living, we are here to help you use the equity that you have in your vehicle.

    Contact us today, we are here to help you, you can call us or you can apply online, we will be able to get you an instant title loan quote, so you will know how much money you can get.


    Neighborhood Title Loans

    If you are looking to find a neighborhood title loan, we are here to help you, with our large network of local title loan companies, we are able to help you no matter where you are living.

    Choosing a local lender, or a nationwide company that has a local footprint is how we help our clients, looking to find the right secured title loan company can be difficult and confusing.

    But whichever company that you go with, we will make it easy for you to choose the right local title loan company, we will help you to get the one that will give you the dollar amount that you need, with the monthly payments, and interest rates that will fit in your monthly budget.

    Not all title loan companies are the same, and we are here to guide you through the whole online title loan process, and we will answer all of your questions, and help you to get the most money, with the lowest monthly payments.

    Choosing The Right Local Title Loan Company

    Not all local title loan companies are the same, we are here to help you through all of the noise, and find the company that will best fit your needs, and the interest rate that is the lowest.

    Finding a neighborhood title loan company that will provide you with the service that you require is important, we will get you the money that you need on your car title, and the monthly payments that will work best for you.

    All of the companies that we work with have no prepayment penalties, so you will not get stuck in a long-term contract, when you are ready to pay off your title loan, you can do so at any time.

    Do not worry if you have bad credit, we will be using the equity that you have in your car, as your credit, it will let us know how much money you will qualify for, your car is your credit.

    neighborhood title loan
    We will get you the best neighborhood title loans today

    Your Neighborhood Title Loan

    Helping you to get the money that you need is how we will help you, we will make it as convenient as possible for you to get the money that you need.

    You will not need to drive all over town, we will get you a title loan in Your neighborhood, so getting the money will be convenient.

    No matter what state you are living in we are here for you, if you are in Mississippi we have you covered, we have the largest title loan network.

    We also provide title loans online with no store visit, so the whole process can be done online, you can submit all of your documentation online, also with photos of your vehicle, and a video too, so we will not need to do a physical inspection on your car.

    Requirments For Neighborhood Title Loans

    The requirements that you will need are that you must have a car that has enough equity in it, and you must show that you have the income to support the title loan.

    You do not need to have a social security number to get a title loan, but you must show you have the income and the equity in your car.

    The title of your vehicle will need to be in your name to get the title loan, if it is not, you will need to go to the DMV and transfer it into your name.

    Local Title Loans For You

    Once you have submitted your title and signed your contract, you can have the money directly wired into your bank account, or you can go to any MoneyGram, and pick up your money.

    When you need a local title pawn loan, we can help you to find the location that is nearest to you, and that will get you the best terms.

    We are here to help you to get the money that you need, with the equity that you have in your vehicle, helping you get the best neighborhood title loan today.

    Contact us today we will answer all of your questions, and get you the best local neighborhood title loan, that will work with you and not against you.


    Types of Consumer Credit & Loans In Florida

    In this article, we will discuss the different types of consumer loans in Florida, we will let you know what you can expect for each type of consumer loan.

    Banks, credit unions, private finance companies, and online lenders are the top providers of consumer credit and loans in Florida. Consumer loans and credit make it possible to get the financing to purchase high-priced items that you need to finance.

    Student loans, Mortgages, and credit cards are forms of loans and credit, some are simple and some are more complicated for individuals to get.

    All types of loans, no matter what type of loan that it is, will have their own terms and conditions, and all consumer loans are regulated by the CFPB.

    The CFPB protects consumers from unsavory practices, like charging excessive interest. all of the plan details, such as length, and default terms, need to be clearly disclosed to avoid any confusion and potential legal action.

    All of the disclosures need to be clearly disclosed so, in the case of default, terms of collection, or the outstanding debt, all of the costs need to be disclosed.

    Secured and Unsecured Consumer Loans In Florida

    There are two types of consumer loans in Florida, secured, and unsecured, different lenders will offer either one, depending on the risk level they are willing to take.

    A secured loan is when collateral is pledged to secure the loan in case of default. If the borrower defaults on the loan, they may lose the collateral that they have pledged.

    With secured loans, lenders will typically offer lower interest rates, as they have the security of the collateral if the borrower defaults on their loan.

    Unsecured loans have no collateral to secure them. The lender will have nothing to repossess if the borrower defaults on the loan. As the loan is riskier, the lender will charge a higher interest rate.

    Information on consumer finance loans in Florida

    Types of Credit Options in Florida

    There are open-ended and closed-ended consumer loans in Florida. Open-ended or revolving credits are usually used for purchasing and are paid back monthly.

    The most common form of revolving credit is credit cards, but home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) also fall in this category, they can both be paid off monthly but they do not have to, but higher interest costs will incur if it is not fully repaid monthly.

    With credit cards, interest charges are incurred when the monthly balance is not paid in full every month. interest rates on credit cards can vary from 16% and can be as high as 30%.

    Closed-ended consumer loans in Florida, are also called installment loans, because the consumer is required to follow a regular monthly payment plan, with interest and principal being paid every month.

    The interest rates that are charged, are tied to the client’s credit score, the better the credit score, the lower the interest, and people with bad credit should expect to pay higher rates.

    Types of Loans In Florida

    Florida consumers can get a loan for just about anything they want to purchase, which tells you approximately how many consumer loan types there are available.

    Here is a list of some of the most popular consumer loans in Florida:

    • Debt consolidation
    • Student
    • Mortgages
    • Auto
    • Veterans
    • Title Loans
    • Small business
    • Payday
    • Cash advances
    • Home equity

    Each type of consumer loan in Florida is designed for different things, it is not one size fits all, so do your homework to find out what would be the best consumer loan for you in Florida.

    Debt Consolidation Loans in Florida

    A debt consolidation loan in Florida is to help you to simplify your finances by combining multiple loans that you have into a single debt, repaid with one monthly payment. This means fewer payments each month and lowers interest rates.

    Consolidation loans are also called unsecured personal loans.

    Personal Loans In Florida

    Personal loans can be used for anything you want, they can be unsecured or secured, and they are usually used for people with high credit card debt.

    With personal loans in Florida, you can transfer your outstanding balances from other loans and credit cards, to have a lower interest rate and only one payment.

    Here is a look at some facts you should know about personal loans:

    • Common personal loan term: 12-60 months
    • APR interest range: 6% to 36%
    • Minimum loan: $1,000-$3,000, based on lender
    • Maximum loan: $25,000-$100,000 based on lender
    • Required credit score: Above 660, but some lenders allow it as low as 610
    • Collateral requirements: Required for secured loan; not required for an unsecured loan

    Auto Loans In Florida

    Auto loans are secured loans tied to the equity in your vehicle. They can help you afford to buy a vehicle, but you may lose the car if you miss your monthly payments.

    This auto loan in Florida may be distributed by a bank, credit union, online lender, or car dealership but you should understand that while loans from the dealership may be more convenient, they often have higher interest rates and ultimately cost more.

    • Common loan term: 12-84 months
    • APR interest range: 1.04%-25.97%
    • Required credit score: 780 or above to get the very best interest rate; 600 or higher for average rate; under 600 gets the double-digit interest rate

    Learn more about auto loans here.

    Student Loans in Florida

    Student loans in Florida are offered to college students and their families to help cover the cost of higher education. There are two types of student loans: federal student loans and private student loans. Federally funded student loans are better, as they have lower interest rates and more borrower-friendly repayment plans.

    • Common student loan terms: 10 years to 25 years
    • APR interest range for federal loans during COVID-19 crisis: 0%
    • APR interest range on undergraduate federal loans when COVID-19 rules are removed: 2.75%; on graduate loans 4.3%; on PLUS loans 5.3%
    • APR interest range for private loans: 2.8%-14.5%
    • Loan forgiveness is possible with federal loans, but it is not available for private loans.

    Get the best consumer finance loans in Florida

    Mortgages Loans in Florida

    Mortgages loans are most commonly distributed by banks, credit unions, and online lenders to allow qualifying consumers to buy a home.

    The mortgage loan is tied to your home, so you risk foreclosure if you fall behind on monthly payments. Mortgages loans have among the lowest interest rates of all loans because they are considered secured loans, as your home will secure the loan.

    Mortgage loans have variable-rate loans, but most homebuyers prefer fixed-rate mortgages.

    • Common loan terms: 15 and 30 years
    • APR interest range: As low as 2.8 % and high as 5.6%
    • Credit score requirements: The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you pay. Generally, lenders like a minimum score of 660 or better, but you can qualify for an FHA loan with a score of just 500.
    credit for consumer loans in Florida
    List of consumer loans in Florida

    Home Equity Loans in Florida

    If you have enough equity in your home, meaning your home is worth more than you owe on it,  you can borrow against that equity.

    Home equity loans are good for renovating the house, consolidating credit card debt, major medical bills, paying off student loans, and many other projects.

    Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) use the borrower’s equity in their home as collateral, so interest rates are considerably lower than what you pay on credit cards.

    The big difference between home equity and HELOCs is that a home equity loan is a lump-sum payout; has a fixed interest rate and regular monthly payments. A HELOC is a line of credit for 15-30 years. It has variable rates and offers a flexible payment schedule.

    • Common loan terms: 5-10 years for home equity loans; 15-30 years for HELOCs
    • APR interest range: 3.25%-11.99%
    • Credit score requirements: 660
    • Collateral requirements: the home serves as the collateral

    Balloon Mortgage Loans in Florida

    A balloon mortgage loan has very low or no monthly payments for a short-time period but then is required to pay off the balance in a lump sum.

    These types of loans are extremely high-risk loans.  The borrower pays no interest or makes no payments for a short time period, but at the end of that time period, must make a “balloon payment” that covers the accumulated amount of principal and interest.

    People use these loans if they intend to own a home for a very short time period and expect to sell it quickly, or if they hope to refinance the loan before the balloon period expires.

    Loans for Veterans In Florida

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has lending programs available to its veterans and their families. The money comes directly from the bank, not the VA. The VA guarantees the loan and the VA acts as a co-signer, helping you to get higher loan amounts with lower interest rates.

    Title Loans in Florida

    Title loans in Florida will use the equity that you have in your vehicle. The lender will use the equity to determine how much money you will qualify for.

    Title loans accept all credit scores, you and even get a no credit check title loan in Florida, interest rates will vary from lender to lender.

    With a title loan, you can get same-day funding, it is one of the fastest ways to get thousands of dollars without much paperwork or delays.

    Small Business Loans in Florida

    Small business loans in Florida are given to entrepreneurs or business owners to help them start or expand their businesses. The best source of small business loans is the U.S. Small Business Administration, which offers a variety of options depending on each business owner’s needs.

    Best consumer loan in Florida
    Florida consumer loans list

    Cash Advances In Florida

    A cash advance is a short-term loan against your credit card. Instead of using a credit card to make a purchase or pay for a service, you bring it to a lender and receive cash to be used for whatever purpose you need. Cash advances also are available by writing a check to payday lenders.

    Payday Loans in Florida

    Payday loans are a short-term, high-interest loan option designed to bridge the gap from one paycheck to the next. These payday loans in Florida are used predominantly by repeat borrowers living paycheck to paycheck.

    The repayment period is short – and the 399% APR interest that goes with them is expensive. The government strongly discourages consumers from taking out payday loans because of excessive costs and interest rates.

    Pawn Shop Loans in Florida

    Pawn loans in Florida are high-interest loans similar to secured loans. The borrower offers some sort of property (jewelry, watch, electronics, etc.) as collateral for a loan.

    The pawnshop owner provides the loan and sets the terms for repayment. If the borrower repays the loan on time, the property is returned. If the loan is not repaid on time, the pawnshop owner can sell the item to recover the unpaid amount.

    Borrowing from Retirement & Life Insurance in Florida

    Those with retirement funds or life insurance plans may be eligible to borrow from your account. This option has the benefit that you are borrowing from yourself, making repayment much easier and less stressful. However, in some cases, failing to repay such a loan can result in severe tax consequences.

    What Type of Consumer Loan Should I Choose?

    If you decide that you need to get one of these consumer loans in Florida, it is important that you fully understand all of the terms and the repayment conditions.

    You need to fully understand all the terms, and if anything is unclear, it is important to ask for it to be explained to you, do not just sign it because you are embarrassed to ask.

    If you are getting a consumer loan and it is tied to your collateral, make sure that you can make your monthly payments, or you could lose the asset that you are pledging to the loan.

    Consumer Loans in Florida



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    Does a Title Loan Affect my Credit?

    If you are currently considering taking out a title loan, you may be asking the question “ does a title loan affect my credit ”.

    You may be particularly worried about this question because you have decided to get a pink slip title loan.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan in your area, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB.

    Does A Title Loan Affect My Credit?

    Yes, a title loan can affect your credit. If you make your monthly payments, and they are on time, the effect your title loan will have on your credit will be positive.

    A title loan can negatively affect your credit if you fail to make your monthly payments on time, so this will have a negative effect.

    Do Title Loans Affect Your Credit?

    If you default, this will also affect your credit. And you have a poor credit score and cannot afford to get any worse than it already is.

    That is alright, we are very familiar with that situation. We have been hearing of a similar dilemma from thousands of our customers for nearly twenty-five years now.

    So if you are wondering does a title loan affect my credit, the answer is yes, but it can be positive or it can be negative, it is the same with any loan that you get, or any service you get, make you payments on time, and this will have a positive affect.

    Title Loan And My Credit?

    Does a Title Loan Affect my Credit
    Title loans and your credit

    Title loans are one of the only personal loans that people with a less-than-perfect credit score can still qualify for.

    Close title loan lenders can do this because they base your loan approval and amount completely on both the current street equity value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan every month.

    Many people try to improve their credit but they have no opportunities to do so since all creditors reject them.

    We want to allow those people to improve their credit reports so they can provide a bright financial future for themselves and their families.

    In short, does a title loan affect my credit? Yes, it does. You can improve your credit score with a title loan.

    How Title Loans Can Affect Your Credit?

    We want to use this resource article to explain how title loans can affect your credit score for both the worse and the better.

    We strongly believe in lender transparency, customer support, and consumer education so you can make the most informed decision possible.

    Finance is not to be taken lightly since even seemingly small decisions can make a big impact on your future.

    Do Title Loans Go On Your Credit?

    Continue reading to learn more about how your credit score may be affected by an auto title loan.

    However, if you have decided to apply for a car title loan, then fill out our online application. You will hear from one of our customer representatives shortly after applying.

    Do Title Loans Check Your Credit?

    Not all title loans check your credit, but it all depends on the location and state. We have some partners that will do a no-credit-check title loan. But most partners will check your credit.

    How Your Credit Score Works With Title Loans

    Thirty-five percent of your credit score is made up of your payment history.

    Thirty percent is your credit utilization. 15% is the length of your credit history while your credit mix and your new credit make up 10% each.

    Getting a title loan would have the greatest impact on the payment history percentage of your credit score.

    Unsecured loans, tend to make a much larger impact on your credit score. However, loans that are secured, meaning they are based on collateral, like Car Title Loans still have the potential to greatly affect your credit score.

     Title Loans Affect Your Credit

    A title loan can both improve your credit score but also has the capability of damaging you. If you make all of your monthly payments on time, then your credit score will improve.

    If you are late with your payments and fall behind, this will damage your credit. A title loan is like any other line of credit, as long as you make the monthly payments on time, just like other bills, then you will improve your credit score.

    Title Loans Can Improve Your Score

    If you pay off or refinance your title loan every month and on time, according to the terms set up by the lender at the beginning of the loan, then your payment history will start to look significantly better.

    Since the payment history takes up such a big chunk in determining your credit score, your credit score will automatically begin to improve as you continue to pay down the loan.

    If you plan out your payments and budget wisely then a collateral loan has great potential to give you a far better credit score than you had to begin with.

    Title Loans Can Damage Your Score

    how does a car title loan work
    You can get a bad credit title loan from us today.

    As with any other loan or line of credit you may take out in your life, if you do not make the payments on time or default on the loan then your credit score will go down and your credit report will look less favorable to other lenders.

    If you stay on top of the payments and do not default on your title loan, then you do not need to worry about it.

    Apply Now For Your Title Loan

    If you have any questions whatsoever, then feel free to give us a call at any time. We have customer service representatives standing by to take your calls and help you out with any issues or doubts that you might have.

    Fill out our online application today, to improve your credits. We are eager to work with you.

    Now you know how title loans affect your credit, and you can improve your credit score with a title loan.

    When other banks will not lend to you, we will get you a title loan and our title loans will affect your credit in a positive way when you make your monthly payments on time.

    Here is some more information on credit scores.


    Do Title Loans Go Against Your Credit?

    Are you wondering do title loans go against your credit? We will answer that question for you. We are here to help you use a title loan to not only get the money that you need but to also have the title loan rebuild your credit.

    Getting emergency funding that won’t lead to another financial crisis later on down the road. Ask us about special benefits for California and Arizona applicants, and you can check out our other title loan locations.

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan in your area, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB.

    Do Title Loans Go On Your Credit?

    You might be wondering do title loans go on your credit? The simple answer is that they do, but it all depends on the lender.

    Some lenders report the credit and some do not.

    Perhaps you are even considering taking out an auto title loan on your vehicle since you know it might be a little difficult to get a regular personal loan from the bank because of your credit score.

    You likely already know that you can be approved for title loans regardless of credit score but you may still be wondering do title loans go against your credit once you get one.

    Do Car Title Loans Report To The Credit Bureaus?

    Some car title loans report to the credit bureaus, but that all depends on the policies of the title loan company and if they’re going to report or not.

    Do title loans go on your credit
    Get your title loan from us no matter what your credit score is

    Do Title Loans Check Your Credit?

    You might be wondering if title loans check your credit, this will all depend on the lender, we can get you no credit check title loans, but not all lenders will do that.

     Do Unpaid Title Loans Go On Your Credit?

    Yes, unpaid title loans will go on your credit. So it is always best to see if you can settle the title loan if possible.

    It is important to consider whether your credit score could be damaged or even possibly improved by an auto title loan.

    Here, at TFC Title Loans, we want to help answer that question and any other questions that you might need to be answered before deciding on whether or not to apply for a title loan.

    Less Than Perfect Credit Title Loans

    Car title loans are one of the only loan options out there for individuals with a less-than-perfect credit score.

    Title loans will use the equity that you have in your vehicle and not your credit score, and do this by basing the loan application approval on the current equity in your car and based on your ability to repay the loan according to monthly payments.

    Do Title Loans Report To Credit Bureau

    Yes, title loan companies in general, will report to the credit bureau, they will report the positive and the negative payments.

    In this resource article, we will be explaining to you how title loans can help improve your credit immensely and, also, how they might potentially damage your credit if you do not handle the loan carefully.

    Credit And Title Loans

    We want you to have all the information before deciding since finances are not to be taken lightly.

    If you’d like to learn more about improving your credit score with a title loan, then continue reading this article.

    But if you are already prepared to start the process of applying then fill out our simple and convenient online title loans application today.

    Your Credit Score

    Your credit score is made up of five different parts, each taking up a certain percentage of the total credit calculation:

    • 35% – Your Payment History
    • 30% – Your Credit Utilization
    • 15% – Length of Your Credit History
    • 10% – Your Credit Mix
    • 10% – Your New Credit

    Obtaining an auto title loan through TFC Title Loans would have the greatest effect on the payment history part of the calculation in your credit score.

    This means that depending on how well you make the monthly payments, a title loan can both improve your credit score and be capable of damaging it in some ways.

    How A Title Loan Might Improve Your Credit Score

    If you make the scheduled payments on time every month to pay down your title loan by the time it is designated to reach maturity, then the payment history percentage in your credit score calculation will start to appear significantly better.

    Since the biggest chunk of your credit score is your payment history at 35%, you will likely see a big improvement in your credit score by the time you finish making the payments.

    Therefore, it would be wise to strategically budget out your payments so that you make them all on time and always have enough money to pay!

    How a Title Loan Could Damage Your Credit Score

    So, Do Title Loans Go Against Your Credit? Just like with any other loan option out there or any other line of credit.

    If you do not make the payments on time or you default on the loan then your credit score is bound to take a substantial hit and you will likely look far less reliable to other lenders in the future.

    So an unpaid title loan will go against your credit, it is important that you make your monthly payments, so your credit will not get affected by your title loan.

    Monthly Payments And Title Loans

    However, if you pay close attention to the payments and get them in on time every month then you won’t default on the title loan and you will have positively nothing to worry about!

    If you have any more questions on the subject then simply give us a call, we would love to hear from you and look forward to working with you! Read more about the Credit Bureau.

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    Best Places to Find Personal Loans Near Me

    All different types of personal loans are available near me ranging from banks to credit unions and online lenders. The main difference between conducting my business online and in-person is the latter offers a more human and personalized touch. In any case, when I search for loans near me, I always compared offerings from multiple lenders to ensure the lowest interest rate is provided.

    Borrowers with credit falling between good and excellent (above 690) have the most options regarding loans. Those with lower credit, average or bad, are viewed by borrowers as higher risks but there are loan options out there for every borrower. The three main options I search for a personal loan near me include:


    Several large financial institutions and banks offer personal loans near me. However, at these larger institutions, borrowers require at least good credit to qualify for a loan. Nonetheless, as an established banking customer there are benefits like qualifying for a larger loan amount or applying without visiting a branch. Other banks offer loans without an origination fee or free credit scores.

    The most common banks near me that offer personal loans (up to a specific amount) include:

    • Citibank – Customers can borrow up to $12,500.
    • Discover – Provides free FICO scores and focuses on debt consolidation.
    • Marcus – A Goldman Sachs online lender that does not charge fees and features 12-month payment deferment after 12-months of on-time payments.
    • Wells Fargo – Borrowers can have money sent directly to creditors to consolidate debt.

    Some of the best-known and largest banks near me, like Chase and Bank of America, do not offer personal loans. Local community banks often offer personal loans so customers in good standing will have a great opportunity to get the lowest interest rates.

    Credit Unions

    Credit unions near me are a great option for any customer with any credit level because they offer the benefit of working with borrowers. These small banks are non-profit financial organizations that service those working, living, studying, or worshipping in a specific area. Only members can apply for loans so having an account with the credit union is necessary. When searching for a small personal loan under $2,500, credit unions are the best option. Many lenders do not offer such small amounts. Two examples of credit unions near me are First Tech Federal and Navy Federal. Many credit unions will offer larger loans only for those making home improvements.

    Online Lenders – Personal Loans Near Me

    Many online lenders require a pre-qualification process following a soft credit check to quote terms and best rates. This is a simple inquiry that does not impact the borrower’s credit. On the other hand, a hard credit check occurs when a customer applies for credit. This will briefly ding even the best credit scores but only for a short time.personal loans near me

    One of the greatest benefits of online personal loans is the competitiveness of the marketplace so lenders attempt to differentiate from traditional in-person loans near me with flexible payments, no fees, guidelines beyond traditional credit models, and other ways to lower interest rates. Unfortunately, to have this flexibility, borrowers must have strong credit scores who are borrowing large amounts at low rates.

    Naturally, some online lenders cater to those with lower credit scores. To have access to these loans there are three considerations:

    • Find a co-signer with better credit. Friends and relatives with good credit can help lower the interest rate or provide better chances of qualifying for the loan.
    • Find an online lender that focuses on borrowers with below-average credit. Additional considerations like earning potential often help in their decision.
    • Opt for a secured personal loan that requires collateral like a title for a car title loan or anything with value.

    While one personal loan source is not better than the other, it depends on multiple factors including the amount of the loan, repayment plan, credit score, interest rate, relationship with the lender, and many other options.

    How to Select a Lender

    This raises the next question; how do I select a personal loan lender near me? Well, there are many considerations to factor into the decision, including:

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    When shopping for personal loans near me, I first look at APRs, not only the monthly payment and interest rate. The APR includes all extra fees and the interest rate, so it is the best direct comparison between two loans.

    Customer-Friendly Features

    Also, when I am reviewing personal loans near me, I shop for rates but not just rates. I also consider lenders with customer-friendly features. For instance, many debt consolidation loan lenders send money to creditors, eliminating this extra step. Other lenders may forgive a late fee or allow me to select the payment due date. Having the flexibility to select a payment due date could be the difference between missing a payment that results in a late fee while negatively impacting my credit score.

    Interest Rates
    interest rate on loans near me
    Personal loans near me

    There are two types of interest rates offered by lenders, fixed and variable. Fixed interest rates will remain the same percentage throughout the life of the loan. On the other hand, variable interest rates fluctuate with the market. Variable rates are tied to the prime rate which is the interest rate banks lend to each other. Fixed rates are the most common type while variable rates have a lower starting APR.

    Loan Terms

    The best lenders are those that offer flexible repayment terms that work with me on the best rates and the ability to select a re-payment date. The more customer-focused they are, the better rates, service, and flexibility I receive.


    Reputation is extremely important when choosing a personal loan lender near me. Loan companies must stick to the contract. It is also important that they do not share my private information with advertisers, marketing firms, and other companies.

    Ultimately, finding the best personal loans near me takes time, effort, and research to select the best options. I always start with my bank to determine the personal loan options they can offer and branch out to other lenders if I am unsatisfied. Shopping for a loan is like shopping for any type of product, I look for the best deals with the most reputable companies near me and go from there!

    This article was brought to you by TFC Title Loans, we try to bring to you the most informative information. If you are interested in getting a title loan local to you, we are able to help you with our large referral network.

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.

    How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

    You may be familiar with the misleading slogan: “no credit, no problem.” In reality, having no credit or bad credit does pose somewhat of a problem for someone looking for loans for bad credit,  but we will help you get a loan with bad credit by using the equity of your car, your car becomes your credit. That is how easy it is to get a  loan with bad credit from us. That is how to get a loan with bad credit.

    Get a loan bad credit or bad credit loans today? Let’s go! It’s not impossible to get a title loan with bad credit, but it does present some challenges. If you’re asking yourself, “can I get a  loan with no credit?” the answer is yes, you can, but it will be more difficult for you than for someone with well-established credit. Getting a loan with bad credit is possible by using your car. We will put a loan on your car title.

    How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit
    Get a loan with bad credit

    If you have no credit or bad credit, you haven’t been able to prove that you can pay debts back promptly. For this reason, lending institutions such as banks and credit unions will treat you as a high-risk customer. They calculate this risk using credit scores when deciding who to lend to and determining details of a loan. If a lender doesn’t believe their borrower will be able to repay the loan, they will either offer a smaller loan with higher interest rates or no loan at all. Most traditional banks do not give loans for bad credit.

    Get a Loan with Bad Credit!

     loans bad credit
    Bad credit loans

    And today, ten years after the Great Recession began, increased regulations and tightened lending standards have only made things more difficult for prospective borrowers to get bad credit loans. If you’re operating under the assumption that you can’t get a loan with no credit, you may think that shady sources of loans such as payday lenders are your only option. Let’s learn more about how to get a loan with bad credit. These loans have extremely high-interest rates that rapidly bury a borrower. Taking a loan of this nature will often burden you with even more debt than you had to begin with. If you need to get bad credit loans and you own your car, you could get a title loan using the equity of your car.

    Perfect Credit, Good Credit, Poor Credit, or No Credit at All?

    In short, it’s wise to only apply for title loans online to credible, well-known lenders like credit unions and banks. If a lender offers you a loan without even checking your credit, it’s safe to assume they are engaging in predatory practices. You need to find a bad credit loan, that you will be able to repay. There are some great loans for bad credit, but it is important to shop around and find the best lender for you.


    get a loan with bad credit
    Get a loan with bad credit

    What Causes Bad Credit?

    • You only make minimum payments on credit cards with large outstanding balances
    • You’ve have made many late payments for different expenses
    • You’re struggling to get a housing lease
    • It’s difficult to get a contract with a cell phone company
    • Your checking account is constantly overdrawn

    All of the above have a detrimental impact on your credit score. They indicate to borrowers that you may not be able to repay a loan in full or on-time.

    Don’t let your lack of credit or poor credit score get you down or entice you into a situation that sounds too good to be true (like payday loans). The bottom line is you can get a loan with no credit. Options do exist, but it may take some time and a bit of research to figure out the best one for your needs. You will be able to qualify for bad credit loans, with one of our title loans.

    get a loan with bad credit
    Get your bad credit loan today

    Loan Alternatives for People with Bad Credit:

    1. Borrow Money from Friends or Relatives

    Most people will tell you what borrowing a significant sum of money from a friend or family member might not be the best idea. If you go about it in the right way, however, it can be one answer to the difficult question, “can I get a loan with no credit?” When it comes to having someone lend you a helping hand, there are two relatively easy ways to go about getting a loan with no credit.

    Do I Need a Co-Signer?

    One of the easiest ways to get a loan with no credit is to have a direct relative co-sign for you, to help you qualify for your bad credit loan.  Your bad credit loans application is easier with a co-signer, the co-signer enters into an agreement making them responsible for the loan in the event you find yourself unable to pay it off. When learning how to get a loan with bad credit, be careful with this option. While anyone can be your co-signer, it’s generally recommended that you go to a direct relative such as a sibling or parent. Be certain that the relative co-signing for you acknowledges the risk inherent in the agreement. The loan in your name on which they co-sign will wind up affecting their credit report.

    And of course, they are taking on full responsibility for the principal balance of the loan in addition to any interest accrued. If you fail to pay back the loan, they will not only be on the hook for the remaining balance, but their credit score could take a hit. A co-signer with a high credit score will enable you to get almost any loan they might be eligible for themselves. Having a third-party available to cover the cost of the loan in case you cannot do so gives the lender a greater degree of certainty in providing a loan.

    Personal Loans Vs Car Title Loans

    Alternatively, you can also ask a friend or family member for a direct personal loan. If you treat this like a formal business transaction it can work out without straining the relationship you have with the person. It’s best to create a written agreement for the loan. Specific details like how much you intend to borrow, what kind of monthly payments will be made, the date the loan is supposed to be paid off, and, if appropriate, what collateral you have decided to put up for the loan. It can be very difficult to get personal loans with bad credit.

    If you want to get serious, you can have the written agreement looked over by an attorney and notarized at your local notary, making it 100% legal and binding. That way there’s no ambiguity and it’s less likely anyone’s feelings will be hurt if anything goes wrong. This is the toughest way to get a loan with bad credit!

    Personal loans with bad credit are not easy to get, and they might take a lot of time to prepare.

    get a loan with bad credit
    Loans with bad credit

    2. Leverage the Equity in Your Car or Home

    If you’re having trouble getting a bad credit loan because you have no credit or bad credit, you may need to put up your pink slip. A collateral loan is different than an unsecured loan, whereby a creditor’s only recourse in the event of your defaulting will be to pursue legal action against you. More than anything, lenders want to get their money back after lending it out. They’d rather not deal with having to bring legal action against borrowers who can’t repay their loans. With collateral, the lender has a sort of insurance policy against you defaulting on your loan obligations.

    Collateral is defined as an asset that a lender claims the rights to in the event the borrower fails to pay back their balance. Any asset that is allowed by law and accepted by a lender can be used as collateral. For the most part, lenders have a preference for assets that can be easily valued and sold. A savings account, for example, is a perfect form of collateral. This is because lenders can assess exactly how much it’s worth and collect it easily. The most common types of collateral are:

    • Cars
    • Homes
    • Bank accounts
    • Equipment such as machine tools
    • Investments of any kind
    • Collectibles such as coins or rare stamps
    • Valuables such as jewelry

    If you own a business, future payments from customers (also known as receivables). Or, if you have any assets like these, some lenders may allow you to get a loan with no credit if you’re willing to offer them up as collateral, so you can get your loans for bad credit.

    3. Mortgage Your Property

    If you own a home, you can use this to your advantage. There are many ways to convert the equity in your home into a loan of some kind. The first and most obvious way is to sell your home. You can either find a smaller, more affordable home in your area or move somewhere that real estate prices are lower. If you’re age 62 or older, you have the option of taking out a reverse mortgage on your home. A reverse mortgage involves receiving monthly payments while reducing the amount of equity in your home.

    If you have parents who are homeowners, they can enact a “sale-leaseback”. This involves a sale of the home followed by a new loan being created for you. Sometimes parents do this as a way to take equity out of their home while they downsize and let their kids enjoy affordable rental rates. This is how to get a loan with bad credit.

    4. Car Title Loans with TFC Auto Title Loans for Bad Credit!

    If you own a passenger vehicle, you can always apply for a car title loan near you today. A car title loan is a form of collateral loan that applies specifically to cars, in case you hadn’t guessed. The amount you can borrow depends on the wholesale value of your car. Now you have a few answers to the question, “can I get a loan with no credit?” While the landscape may look bleak, it certainly isn’t hopeless.

    Bad credit loans are not as difficult to get as you might think, but having poor credit, your interest rate will be much higher. Most bad credit loans, are usually emergency loans and are not meant to be a long-term solution.


    How to Get A Loan with Bad Credit; Conclusion

    You can always ask a friend or family member to either give you a direct personal loan or co-sign on another loan for you. Some lenders may be more lenient if you offer up collateral. Your home equity can be used to acquire a loan in more ways than one. And last but not least, you can always take out a car title loan with TFC Title Loans. Now you know how to get a loan with bad credit!

    Getting a bad credit loan is fast and easy with us, if you have equity in your vehicle, we can get you the bad credit loans today. All you have to do to get your bad credit loan is to apply online with us. We are here to help you get your loans for bad credit, with our title loan program.  Qualifying you faster and get you the loans for bad credit approved today.

    Getting you fast approval for loans for bad credit, because we will use the equity in your car, to get you the bad credit loan you need. Getting loans for bad credit from us is easy and in most cases with can do same-day funding. Apply online today, and get the bad credit loan you need now!

    We will help you to get the most money by using the equity that you have in your vehicle, the application is fast and we can provide you with same-day funding.

    All of our referral partners are in compliance with the CFPB. We will help you to get the money that you need but from a trusted and reliable title lender.


    DISCLAIMER: As our policy to make sure you know what we do and what are our limitations, we offer you these disclaimers. We are NOT A LENDER and we do not make short term cash loans or credit decisions. We are a referral service and work only with licensed lenders/brokers.

    We may act as the broker for the loan and may not be the direct lender. Loan proceeds are intended primarily for personal, family and household purposes. We do not offer or service student loans.

    *Loan amounts by the lenders vary based on your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan.

    *Since we do not lend money directly we cannot offer you a solicitation for a loan, except in the state of California. In all other serviced states we WILL match you with a lender based on the information you provide on this website. We will not charge you for this service and our service is not available in all states. States that are serviced by this Web Site may change from time to time and without notice. Personal Unsecured Loans and Auto Title Loans are not available in all states and all areas.

    *Auto Title Loan companies typically do not have pre-payment penalties, but we cannot guarantee that every lender meets this standard. Small Business Loans typically do have pre-payment penalties and occasionally will use your car as collateral to secure the loan.

    *All lenders are responsible for their own interest rates and payment terms. TFC Title Loans has no control over these rates or payments. Use of the work competitive or reasonable does not mean affordable and borrowers should use their own discretion when working directly with the lender.

    *The amount of people who applied for a loan and we helped and those who received a loan is not the same. We cannot guarantee we will find a lender who will fund you.Just because you give us information on this web site, in no way do we guarantee you will be approved for a car title loan or any other type of loan. Not all lenders can provide loan amounts you may see on this web site because loan amounts are limited by state law and/or the lender. Some lenders may require you to use a GPS locator device on your car, active all the time. They may or may not pay for this or charge you for this. This is up to the lender and we have no control over this policy of the lender. Typically larger loans or higher risk loans use a GPS.

    *In some circumstances faxing may be required. Use of your cell phone to receive updates is optional.

    *Car Title Loans are expensive and you may have other ways to get funding that is less expensive. These types of loans are meant to provide you with short term financing to solve immediate cash needs and should not be considered a long term solution. Residents of some states may not be eligible for a loan. Rejections for loans are not disclosed to our firm and you may want to contact the lender directly.

    *Car Title Loan lenders are usually licensed by the State in which you reside. You should consult directly with these regulatory agencies to make sure your lender is licensed and in compliance. These agencies are there to protect you and we advise making sure any lender you receive money from is fully licensed.

    *Trading Financial Credit, LLC dba TFC Title Loans, Car Title Loans California, Dineromax. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please give us a call at 1-844-242-3543 for immediate assistance.

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