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Can You Get a Title Loan Without a Vehicle Inspection?

Title Loan Without a Vehicle Inspection

Wondering if you can get title loans without vehicle inspection? The experts ate TFC Title Loans cover everything you need to know here:


Can You Get a Title Loan Without Vehicle Inspection?

Most auto title-lending firms require a vehicle inspection. However, some, like TFC Title Loans do not. It may not be easy to find a lender willing to bypass vehicle inspection. That does not mean you cannot get a car title loan without a vehicle inspection. Let us show you how it works.


Can I Get Title Loan No Vehicle Inspection?

Yes, we can help you with a title loan no vehicle inspection, we will need to see photos of the vehicle. the photos will need to show the complete outside of the car and the inside too. we will also need a photo f the odometer reading.

So we can get you title loans without car present, as long as we get to see the photos and we will also need to see a video too of the vehicle.


How a Car Title Loan Without Inspection Works

Vehicle inspectors may limit the amount of cash a title loan lender may give you. Besides, the inspection process is usually tedious and time-consuming. It may delay cash disbursement from your title loan lender by some days or weeks. In addition, it increases the cost of your loan since the vehicle inspection is done at a fee.


Title lenders who do not require an inspection will ask you for alternative information. Here are the documents you may need for your title loan:


  • Photos or a video of the vehicle
  • Basic information concerning the vehicle
  • The history of the vehicle
  • A valid car title bearing the borrower’s name
  • Proof that your car has insurance
  • Proof of income
  •  A valid government-issued identification document
  • Proof of residence

Your title loan lender will ask for this information to assess the value of your vehicle. They may also ask for your identification documents and your financial capability. Title loan lenders will allow you to send the documents through communication technology devices like smartphones or emails. 


This makes the application for a title loan without inspection easy, convenient, and quick. Here are some advantages of title loans without inspection:


Advantages of Title Loans Without Inspection

Quick Processing

It reduces the application and loan processing time since you eliminate the time it takes to seek out a vehicle inspector and wait for the inspection report. It also takes you a short time to gather and submit the information your title loan lender may require. Besides, your lender processes your car title loans without seeing the car.


Once you submit your application and the necessary information, your title loan lender may approve your loan the same day. You can take a title loan without inspection when you need cash urgently, and be sure you will get it hassle-free and promptly.


The Loan Amount Depends on the Condition of Your Vehicle

The title loan lender is not be influenced by an inspection report in deciding how much money to lend you. They only look at your vehicle to determine if you qualify for the cash you have applied for. The amount of loan you qualify for depends on the equity you have in your vehicle. 


Low Processing Fees and Interest Rates

The application process is less expensive as it evades the inspection cost. Car title loans without inspection have low interest rates. They are usually more affordable than cash advances or payday loans.


You Can Keep Driving Through Your Loan Life

Your title loan lender may not take your car keys from you. You may drive your car until you complete repaying your loan. Your lender will take your pink slip from you and allow you to keep using your vehicle. After all, you may need to move around to make money for your loan repayment.


Transparent Lending

If you are borrowing your title loan that does not require a car from a reliable lender like TFC Title Loans, they will provide you with all the information you need. This helps make an informed decision before applying for your loan.


Your lender may assign a dedicated representative to guide you through the application process, help you understand the interest rates and your monthly repayment installments. 


You Remain in Control

Your title loan lender will not ask what you want the money for. Once the loan is approved, you are in charge of how you send the money. You also remain in control of your vehicle. 


However, remain committed to the repayment plan to complete repaying your loan within the scheduled period. Lenders like TFC Title Loans do not have prepayment penalties for your title loan without a vehicle present.


Is a Title Loan Without Inspection Right for Me?

Here are some things that may help you determine if title loans that don’t require the car are a great fit for you:


You Need Money Fast


If you have an emergency, you may consider getting a loan against your car equity. Title loans that don’t require a car are easy to apply for and are approved quickly.


You Have a Bad Credit Score


Your credit score may limit you from accessing credit from your bank. However, you may get a car title loan without inspection that does not check your credit score


Reliable lenders such as TFC Title Loans assess your credit score to ensure you are not bankrupt or inactive credit counseling. They may lend you even with a low score.


You Have no Job 

Some lenders may be hesitant to lend to you unless you have a job and documents show who your employers. They may want to use this as part of security before lending you. At TFC Title Loans, you do not need to show proof of income.


If You Are Tech-Savvy

If you know your way around technology, you will have an easier time finding a lender, applying, and submitting your documents electronically. However, even if you are not good with digital gadgets, you can get lenders like TFC Title Loans that have simplified the application process to help you access your title loan without the car present in simple steps.


If you want a Loan without Prepayment Penalties

You probably have an emergency but are expecting some money soon. You can take a car title loan without vehicle inspection and prepay it when you receive your cash. Lenders like TFC Title Loans do not penalize you for prepaying your title loan.


 Do you want quick, hassle-free cash against the equity of your car? Reach out to TFC Title Loans. At TFC Title loans, we give car title loans without a vehicle inspection. 


Our application process is simple, and your loan may be approved the same day. Call us today at 1-844-242-3543 to know how much cash you qualify for and get your cash in minutes.


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