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Banks usually try to attract customers and are ready to offer benefits to their cardholders by putting juices offers such as sign-up bonuses, rewards, and low-interest rates for individuals who apply. However, most banks will focus on your credit score and if you do not have a good credit score, you might not get approved for a loan by banks.

However, few people do not know that card issuer can also offer benefits if you ask for it. Here are some benefits that you might not know your credit card may offer you.

  1. Modify the date your bill will be due

Making the prompt payment is one of the major ways you can impact your credit score positively. Hence, your late payment can hurt your credit adversely. This is why you should look for alternatives if you are struggling to keep up with your payment date. One of the things you can do in this situation is to give your credit card issuer a call and ask that your monthly bill due date should be moved. Also, synchronize all your credit card due date so that you don’ miss or forget to make payment when it is due.

  1. Increase your credit limit

Another way to reduce your credit utilization is to raise your credit limits. In case you have low credit limits, you can request to increase the limit on your cards. However, if increasing your credit limit will tempt you to spend more, then it may not be a good strategy to raise your credit limit. Increasing your credit limit will also result in hard inquiry and this may affect your credit score.

  1. Lower your interest rate

Negotiating a lower interest rate when you apply for loans will go a long way in reducing the cost of the loan. It can never be asking for too much when you request your lender to reduce your interest rate. It is a norm and nothing out of the ordinary. So, look at possibilities of negotiating a low-interest rate or consider refinancing of your current loan to get a lower interest rate.

  1. Remove late fees

You will be amazed to find out that your bank can also waive late fees especially if it is not in your attitude to make prompt payments over time. You can also search for credit card providers who automatically waive the fee on your first late payment. However, the real key to avoiding unnecessary late fees is to pay on time and do not miss a payment.

  1. Limit cash advance and spending

Work on ensuring that your debt-to-available credit ratio is not above 30%. Your debt-to-credit ratio or credit utilization is the ratio of the debts you have on your credit card to your income. Hence, it is important that you limit the spending that will make you want to go by the way of applying for a cash advance. You can set a cap in the amount you spend on purchases so that you can keep your credit utilization rate at a level that wouldn’t put you under financial pressure. Another reason to avoid cash advances is that the interest rates are usually high and the charges can be enormous as well. Set your cash advance limit to $0 so that you can avoid additional costs.

  1. Waive your card annual fee

If you want to close your card to avoid an annual fee, try calling your card issuer first before doing so. Closing your accounts can adversely affect your credit score. Also, banks may be willing to waive your annual fee, if it is your first year, or reward you to keep you as a customer.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t make assumptions, pick up your phone and call your card issuer, you might never know what benefits they can offer you or that you are entitled to unless you call them.

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