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4 Facts That Every Investor Should Know in Today’s World


The world of the stock market and investments is ever-changing offering new opportunities and new markets all the time. New investors need to choose wisely the type and size of their investments. While investing involves higher risk than saving accounts, it provides stronger returns in the long term. Moreover, you can tailor your investments to achieve different goals, and if your financial situation changes for the better or worse, you can change the way you invest to the way that suits your needs and your current financial situation. 

Some people might think that investment is a complicated process; however, it is not that complicated at all. Moreover, making important decisions in investments is actually pretty simple. If you are new to the world of investments, continue reading this article to learn about the 4 facts every investor should know in today’s world.

1. Index Investing Delivers Market Returns Not Average Returns

We are not living in a cost-free world, as the world we live in includes commissions, bid-ask spreads, and tees, and that is why investing in index funds will not give you average returns. There are two types, index investors incurring minimal costs and investors incurring very high costs trying to beat the market. The main reason behind index funds outperforming other mutual funds is because market returns earned by index investors are higher than the net after-cost of the others.

2. Investing Is Risky

Risk is a fixed element in the world of investments. Losing money can be a result of bad decisions or disputes. Furthermore, specialists at FINRA arbitration say that most of the time arbitration is mandatory in securities fraud and negligence disputes. Investors should hire an attorney to handle the complex different cases that might need arbitration. Whatever you choose to invest in, there will be the risk element. If you choose to invest in CDs, there is an income and inflationary risk. On the other hand, if you choose to invest in bonds, they are risky as stocks sometimes.

3. Costs Are Predictor of Success

Costs can be tools to predict which investors can succeed and which ones will fail. As an investor, there are many factors that you should consider before making any decision. However, cost should be the first factor to consider. According to researchers, the cost is the most powerful tool that can predict returns on mutual funds. Investors should check the costs first, and if they are too high, then they shouldn’t be on their investment portfolio.

4. When You Control Costs, You Focus on Other Things

When an investor has a low-cost funds portfolio, the smart thing to do is leave it alone. However, some investors try to jump from one ETF to another to save a few points in yearly expenses. Well, the expense ratio is not the only cost paid by investors in an ETF. It is just clearly listed for investors to see. Moreover, returns can be impacted by bid-ask spreads, management and trading costs, and secured lending. Adding to them the expense ratio is called the total cost of ownership, which is crucial. 

When an investor reduces expenses by a few basis points to increase the benefits, the capital gains taxes eventually will eat them up. So instead of thinking about the reduction of the small expenses, investors should focus on:

  • The development of a good actionable investment plan.
  • Investment policy statement.
  • Finishing the estate plan.
  • Trying to reduce taxes by reviewing the tax plan.
  • Making sure the insurance covers what is needed.
  • Maximize employee benefits.

The world of investment is very competitive and is affected by many factors like economic, political, and many other factors that can damage or enhance the stock market. However, having the right knowledge and the ability to make wise choices and sound decisions will increase your gains and reduce your losses. The risk factor is there and will stay present no matter what you decide to invest in or the type of your investment. It is very important to accept and properly handle the risk factor when investing in the stock market. 

Seeking the help of professional lawyers, will facilitate the process and guide you through many complex situations associated with your investments. In case of security fraud and negligence disputes, arbitration is mandatory and its decision is final. Therefore, you need to protect your investments by having a good lawyer by your side protecting your interests. Costs will help you predict who will succeed and who will fail and when controlled investors get to focus on other important things.

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